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Had originally planned on reaching college on 15th morning, however certain changes postponed my departure to the 19th. The last few days in Mumbai were extremely painful as the day to leave draw close! Set off for Pune at about 8.30am on 15th, got the bus around 9am and spent over four hours in the bus. It has been my longest journey to Pune ever and the bus guy decided to stop at every single place in an attempt to fill all the seats!

Reported to the hostel, picked up my keys, dumped my stuff and rushed off to college to attend the Supply Chain Modelling and Design lecture which got canceled! The rooms in the hostel are much smaller than the ones in the old hostel. The cafeteria closes too early, is more expensive and serves something called food 🙁 I don’t know what the mess serves.

We went off to the city to watch The Happening. It was a rather unhappening movie! Then the lectures hit!

Four hours of FSA on Friday followed by six hours of M&A on Saturday and four hours of Project Management on both Sunday and Monday along with four hours of Corporate Finance on Monday! The remaining days have been lighter, except that there has been a lot of assignment work. And, I thought that third semester would be lighter! We just semi-finished one assignment due in the next 12 hours. Got about five hours of lectures tomorrow along with Milaap.

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3 thoughts on “Back to SCMHRD”

  1. yes, you are right, the happening was rather lame , and it got some pretty bad reviews 🙁 … i guess you are pretty busy …

  2. Hey… me.. a senior from scmhrd.. was googling about scmhrd, came across ur post.. well.. as they say \”journey is the reward\”.. unfortunately the journey is filled with tons n tons of boring, soporific lectures.. n there is no escape for now.. but yeah.. ask us. old alumni .. how we would give up anythin in this world to get back there.. so enjoy as long as it lasts.. btw .. hows subbu doing?

  3. Hehe, very true about the lectures… so which batch are you from? And, I sure hope that I get a sufficient reward!

    Subbu sure seems to be doing good 😀

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