The other while checking my Siltide Sitescore the other day, I found that it kept reporting that it couldn’t find my site.

I could see that my blog was working and I was even able to validate it as well. Just meant a probable blocking of the site.

On disabling Bad Behavior I found that I was able to get the score thereby pointing out an error with either Silktide or Bad Behavior.

I checked my logs and found that Silktide gives a blank User-Agent and so Bad Behavior blocks the site. This is something I support because spammers use this attack your site.

Wrote to Silktide and promptly got a reply saying that they will see what they can do with the next version of the software.

Have taken a temporary way out by adding this to the Whitelist, but this will continue to be a problem unless scripts and software start sending correct user-agents.

Afterall, how many IPs am I going to add?

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