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Bad Behavior vs. Exatt

The latest version of Bad Behavior i.e. 2.0.6 includes a new check where it looks up various blacklists.

A new blocking method using realtime blackhole lists is being used to determine if a post originates from a known spam source, open proxy, etc. GET requests are not screened. Links are provided to blackhole list removal procedures through the fix it yourself link.

And my “darling” ISP Exatt has all its IPs blacklisted across most of these blacklists.

A direct consequence is that I get blocked out of commenting on my own blog.

I had to switch back to 2.0.5. Unfortunately, I am blocked out from commenting of a good number of WordPress blogs which are using 2.0.6, e.g. Mark Jaquith’s and MaxPower

I’ve tried delisting the IPs manually from the blackhole lists, but this has become too much of a trouble because I get assigned a dynamic IP everytime I login 🙁

Anybody have any idea of how to get this problem solved. I have yet to contact Exatt. And, I am confused on how exactly to get through to them. Calling my local ISP office of Exatt is useless because they only look after the WAN and recharging etc.

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