Bad Movie Decision

I have always made most of the movie decisions whenever, I chose to go out for a movie. However, this time I went terribly terribly wrong.

As planned, I met Melody and her friends Elvis and Delilah and we set off for Imax Adlabs in Wadala to watch Santa vs. the Snowman. Elvis booked the tickets (Rs. 125/- each). We walked into it and I was kinda blown away entering in. The place is simply amazing. Walking into the dome was another fabulous experience. I did feel a bit giddy climbing the stares and a sense of imbalance. However we soon found a very comfortable place (after shifting once).

Initially, we were shown a couple of trailers, which were really awesome and brought my hopes up about the movie. However the movie was a total let down, mainly because it ran for only 30 minutes!! It was a total waste of time and money, going all the way upto Wadala, paying a huge sum for a half an hour show!!
Really hate somebody? Take them to watch Santa vs. the Snowman at Imax Adlabs and make sure they pay for everything.

Melody and friends were blaming me for this debacle and rightly so. I was led on by the hype on radio and papers and went for a movie without proper research.

Thats buried and gone now, though I am sure these people will remind me for time immemorial.

Next went off to Melody’s place, where we all ate and drank, had long chats, worked on her website a bit and finally came back home around 11.40 pm. Sadly I had to miss the only choir practise for New Year mass. (did I mention I helped make the hymn sheets?)

Tommorrow is the 31st. Big day, but I wonder what I am doing!

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  1. Hey you! APPY NOO EAR 🙂
    Hope you sang your guts out at the choir! Have a Blessed Year,

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