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This film revolves around the Sethna family residing in the hills of Panchgani. A retired sculptor Dinshaw (Naseeruddin Shah) heads the family. Other members of the joint family comprise of Dinshaw’s wife Katy (Dimple Kapadia), brother Farokh (Boman Irani), sister-in-law Tina (Simone Singh) and second brother Fardoonjee (Honey Chhaya). Then arrives Cyrus (Saif Ali Khan) at the Sethna house and stays on. As the movie proceeds it gains a psychological insight into the family and reveals that everything is not all right with the Sethna family. Not just that, even Cyrus comes across as a bizarre personality.

Before you read on, let me warn you that this review maybe a spoiler.

The Movie credits begin with error laden broken images which warn you that this no regular Bollywood Masala Flick.

Saif is the Narrator. After all this is his story…a tad montonous though.

Through the first half, I was wondering…What the hell is the plot about? I was informed that the 2nd half will reveal it all…I waited with baited breath.

Set in Panchgani, this is a story of the Sethna Family…with it’s idiosyncrasies and genetically dysfunctional lifestyle; the elder brother Dinshaw (Naseer) and wife Katie (dimple) in Panchgani. The slightly younger bawa brother (Boman) with damsel wife (Simone) living with their Pappa in Mumbai.

The scene where the pug dog bites Boman had me in splits. So did the bone-setter shop scene. Boman was rocking!

As the mystery unfolded…the dialogue delivery…the background music by Salim-Suleiman…the charactors…the screenplay…wow…I was enjoying myself.

A spectacular movie indeed …the sarcasm, the black humour, the dark mystery, the brilliant dialogues…

I loved Dimple’s “screw me” look, Saif’s passionate acting, Boman’s humour, even the Inspector’s awful DIS-fortunate English and Naseer’s alzheimer-like demeanor.What was the waif looking, ugly and naked supermodel Carol Gracious thinking when she got aaproh Cyrus dikraa to fondle her undeveloped breast buds? As if this weeks wardrobe malfunction at the Fashion Week wasn’t enough. Goodness Gracious me!!…Luckily the scene ended before I fainted!

Liked watching the characters with their secret desires…Simone and Dimple. I dunno if some of the Parsee clan gets bugged with stereotype Batliwallas,the Dinshaws and the old crap being left to die.

A dark comedy…a super thriller…a memorable flick. What I didn’t like was Saif being out of sync with his parsee character…Cyrus or Xercses…don’t be a stereotype but try and get the lingo right dude…good effort though. You definitely have it in you to break the mould of a sterotype Indian lead actor! Saif has matured as new age Indian Actor. First English movie. Good. Never mind the monotonous narrative which didnt enthuse me. Though I loved the kick-ass content of the narration.

One production plug-in which TIMES INFOTAINMENT managed to incorporate was the HUTCH pug dog , the HUTCH ad posters, the LAYS chips. Am suprised the Parsee buildings were not painted with Asian Paints Royale and the characters didn’t brush their teeth with Colgate Gel (all Saif’s ads)!!

Homi Adajania debuts with his brilliant directorial effort!

All in all a superb movie experience. The only reason I watched it twice.

Words from the wise…
“Once the Game ends…The King and the Pawn go back into the same box…”

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  1. hey josemund!!
    very insightful, well- written review… n boy…r u observant…i didn’t notice the LAYS chips!!!

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