Bible Study, Dinner, PS2, Cars and Shawarma

Having spent whole of Sunday at home, going out on Monday evening was a welcome break.

The purpose was a Bible study at the house of one of the members of Oman Christian Federation (OCF).

We reached there late because Dad got stuck at work. The meeting lasted for about an hour after we reached and this was followed by a nice dinner and a huge bowl of icecream 🙂

I then spent the rest of the evening till the 1am Oman time, i.e. 2.30am IST playing PS2 games with the kids, while dad and others were busy planning a bachelor party. Gosh I feel old…!

And this evening we set out car hunting with a friend. Saw quite a few second hand cars, including one really sexy merc which cost around 6lakh rupees only!

Went shopping for clothes, but wasn’t able to find anything good. So just picked up a jeans for my brother.

Finished off the rest of the evening with a junk dinner of shawarma and shish tawook.

Dad tells me the net here isn’t all that expensive as I was imagining. However, I still feel a bit guilty spending my dads money on the internet (there are better places to spend it 😉 ), so you still won’t find me online that much.

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  1. Sounds like a pretty good start to your holiday…despite the initial hiccups!
    And should u really b eating ic-cream, ur jst recovering!!
    Btw, wat exactly is Shawarma n shish tawook?

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