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Bike or bus?

I’m back to my dilema of last year. Should I take my bike or the bus to work?

Both have their pros and cons.

Pros of the bike:
1. I save almost an hour both ways
2. I have the flexibility of timing (especially returning home)
3. Taking the bike works out a bit cheaper than the bus.

Cons of the bike:
1. Riding is a tiring job especially since the total distance is 54Kms both ways.
2. Roads are bad!
3. I cannot sleep on the way 😉

Pros of the bus:
1. Can sleep peacefully (at least in the morning)
2. No worry of driving, saves a lot of energy that way.

Cons of the bus:
1. Loss of time
2. More expensive
3. Travelling by the company bus isn’t all that comfortable!
4. Have to ensure that I reach the bus stop on time for fear of missing the bus

As of now it’s the bus with bike for emergencies. But, which should I take?

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