Blurry Blurry Eyed

Today was one tiring day, of which I spent little time at home.

Awoke nice and late (I need to start sleeping earlier) and left to meet Trupti to give her some stuff.
Just as I was about to leave I realized that I didn’t have my bike. I had given it to James who will be looking after it while I’m in SCMHRD.

Had to travel to his bro’s place at RNA Heights to pickup the bike and found out that he didn’t carry the helmet. So, it was back home to pickup my helmet and gloves and so reached a bit late at InOrbit.

I don’t like being late, but then a girl in a mall will never get lonely 😉

And it was Subway today as well. (Visited Subway yesterday with my brother and it was my lunch and dinner).

Was there sometime before dropping her off my my journey home. Got home, had barely some time with my love and I was off to an eye doctor to get my eyes checked. It’s been over two years since I visited and opthamologist and decided its high time (of course Mom kept grumbling to ensure I do it).

We arrived very early and so killed time with kachoris and sugarcane juice 😀

Spent a great deal of time at the doctor because in addition to getting my eyes checked I also got the retina checked. Had drops put into my eyes which dilates the pupils and also resulted in the title of this post.

Eyesight’s back to normal now and hence the blogger in me had to post about it.

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  1. Talking about eyes, I lost my glasses and didnt make a new one some 18 months ago, but then I switched to using a laptop I stopped having problems.

    Maybe its the desktop monitors I have used that had such problems.

  2. The problem is it does not matter i use LCD or FLat Monitor it hurts my eyes:(

  3. Well the problems were actually me staring at the computer screen for more than 14 hours :).

    My eyes became weaker and I had to wear glasses.

  4. …and you still stared at the screen.

    Once, I’m sorry to say, my retina got scratched by a Ritz Cracker – long story – so I know how much it sucks.

    But seriously, way to man up.

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