Bob's Banter

What is Bob’s Banter
Bob’s Banter is a column published everyday in 30 newspapers across India! Also in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and as a weekly column in London! It has thousands of readers in the United States of America! Six Million people read Bob

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  1. Dear AjayDsouza,
    I am also a fan of Bob.
    I am in Mumbai and read his columns in Free press journal. I also used to get these articles through mail almost everyday. But since the last 5/6 months I hardly get these columns through mail. But in 2/3 occassions, I had mailed him and asked him for guidance. He responded me as soon as possible. But regarding the articles, I am really unlucky. Also, his web site is never updataed. I want to read some of the previous articles. Can you please let me know how is this be possible ? I am searching any news paper’s site. So that I can read every day on web site. Can you please help me in this regard ?

    Thanks & Regards,

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