Bombay to Pune

Had to report to Pune on June 1 to get ready for my two year long MBA course at SCMHRD. I’ve never experienced hostel life and the longest I’ve been away from home was seven years back on my trip to Muscat.

I made the rounds of meeting several friends in the past week. Had originally planned on carrying two bags and my laptop, but with the pillow and the bedsheets etc. that needed to be added to the list, I soon ended up with one big suitcase, one big bag and the laptop bag, all of which were bursting at the seams.

The Luggage that Ajay carried

Set up around 8am on Friday and met up with Navneet and Murtaza at Dadar where we hired a car to bring us to Pune, the benefit of this was that we could take the vehicle right upto the hostel… lugging around luggage in Pune is a pain.

Landed in the hostel, checked in quickly and came up to my room. The rooms are nice and spacious and are for just three people. This is a major plus point over similar MBA schools which have not so great accomodation.

Reported in college and got the assigments printed and submitted. Had lunch before that. Saturday was the big induction day, but that’s another story.

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  1. Thanks folks… the course is going to ensure I am not online too much!

    @Ronald, it is a two year full time course

  2. Have great fun man and best of luck for your studies ;).

    BTW I haven’t followed you for long what are your future plans?

  3. Dear Ajay!! All the best. How is hostel life and how is the food.

    I am in Dusseldorf Germany now. Will be returning back today. I missed the huge cyclone in Oman. Entire Muscat is a disaster zone. Many of them are stuck without food, including the priests in Ghala parish, as the entire Church area is filled with muck and is not approachable. The huge road dividers that they had placed in Muscat have broken down.

    I may have to spend a few days in Dubai as the Muscat airport is closed. Please ask your friends to pray for the people in Oman.

  4. @Melody, good to know that 🙂

    @Keith, two years MBA as of now

    @Dad, will say a prayer… glad to know you missed the cyclone 🙂

  5. My writing this from Dubai airport. I am told that Muscat is in a mess. People are without water and electricity and food. I have therefore decided to go to India instead of Muscat, because I will not be able to reach Sohar, as the roads are blocked.

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