Bowling, Bikes, Bingo, Booze and BBQ

Went over to Melody‘s place on Sunday morning to complete the work on her new computer.


Elvis loves to go bowling whenever he is down and so after lunch me and Melody joined Elvis, Delilah, Clint and Alisha for a round of bowling at Fun Republic in Andheri W. They were already playing when Melody and I reached there.

Fun Republic is one noisy place. Added to the noise of the people there, you also have to bear blasting music. Telling them nicely didn’t help until we fired the guy.

This was one of the longest rounds I’ve played of bowling, since there were six of us. I suck and bowling and I don’t know why the folks think otherwise. Lost once again in the last round when Delilah overtook me by four points 🙁
And when I say lost I meant I don’t consider Elvis or Clint who are experts!
The pic on the side shows our final scores.

By the time we finished bowling it was past 6.30pm and then we started off towards Bandra. But…


… Flame (my bike) decided to disagree. I need to get the battery changed and the only option now is to kick start the bike. However after several kicks the bike just refused to start. On checking I found that petrol was leaking. I’m not an expert on bikes and so my dilema! 🙁
Took it to a mechanic in the area who got it working. And Melody was really click happy as you can see!
But the problem just wouldn’t get solved. While we were stuck in heavy traffic in Juhu, I once again got the smell of petrol, only to find it leaking again. Thankfully turning off petrol via the lock stops this outflow!

To make matters worse, I was on reserve so was hoping I wouldn’t run out of petrol. Filled up two litres at a pump and managed to get the bike started again. Petrol continued to drip! But, atleast I wouldn’t run out of it. 😐

Traffic, bike woes ensured that we reached Bandra only by 7.30pm.

I had plans to meet up with school friends, but had to cancel them 🙁

Bingo, Booze and BBQ

Bandra Gym had the 3Bs night running, viz. Bingo, BBQ and Booze?
Didn’t get the Bingo, the BBQ wasn’t tempting enough and I don’t booze. But, I love to dance and so did jive a bit. Melody was in her “irritate Ajay” mood (as usual) and refused to follow!
Alisha says she was new, but followed well enough.
I didn’t have my regular jive partner. Plans on for Wellingdon soon (?).

Independence Cafe

After Bandra Gym, we went over to Independence Cafe on Hill Road for dinner. I haven’t been there before and seems like a nice joint.
Food was good but the Sun Shine Splash was watery!

Ate almost a complete roast chicken. Was helped by Melody, Elvis and Delilah to finish the mashed potato and vegetables surrounding it 😉

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