Brake Jam!

Was on my way to the bank and was just leaving my building when the front disc brake of my Pulsar jammed and the next moment I was falling off the bike.

Thankfully, I was on first gear and so was able to land on my feet, though the bike had a spill.

The brake was jammed so tight that it could not be moved at all. With the help of my watchman I managed to drag the bike away from the entrance of the building and then set off to my regular mechanic’s garage.

He immediately came with me. On checking he confirmed that the jamming was extremely tight. The brake rubber had worn out and the brake itself was rusted.

I’m glad this didn’t happen on a highway, because then I don’t think I would need just a mechanic to look at the bike :O

Have given the bike for servicing and getting it ready for the monsoon (which has already set in).
As for the bank work. Mom has volunteered to do it. 🙂

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  1. you are lucky ajay.

    But I didnt hear about break jamming except in the movies. Sounds very dangerous. and if in a highway, god knows.

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