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Bringing in New Year 2006

Brought in the New Year yesterday with mass at 10pm. Decided to chuck my regular black jacket for an older but more formal blue blazer (unfortunately forgot to take a pic of me in it!)

Mass was normal. Our church is celebrating the year 2006 as “Year of the Youth and Children”. Father gave a powerful sermon on how the youth today are so misguided. Will agree with him on many points, however I think he generalized a bit too much.

Left with Madam A immediately after communion in order to make it before 12am to Conrads place. We were the first there and it was already a little past 12!

Had made it a point to carry my digital camera and so grabbed the opportunity of being the first and immediately got to taking snaps of the decorations.

Here’s a picture of their crib:
Crib at U. Conrad's

And this is the bar in their house (tempting, but I don’t drink)
Wanna drink anyone?

We had a good amount of jive before A. Anita served us our food. As usual we had a wide array to choose from and I made it a point to sample everything. The picture below definitely pales in comparison to real thing!
And now are you hungry?

And also took a nice pic of my dear choir master and his wife.
A. Anita and U. Conrad

Danced the rest of the morning. Made sure I danced with every girl out there. Being one of the few guys who dances helps 😉
I have moved from the guy who never stepped onto the dance floor to one who is first on the floor. Got a nice pic of Madam A and me while we were still less zonked.
Madam A and me

We left by 3.30am (I know early) because Madam A was leaving for Goa with the rest of her family. We did make a quick stopover at one of her pals places before I dropped her back home.

Had a great beginning this new year. Am hoping the rest of the year just gets better 🙂

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