Cat Bites and Form Filling

I am going to vent in this post. So, if you don’t like me grumbling then this is where you should you leave! (But do come back)!

And for those who don’t mind me grumbling…

Sunday began with yet another AIMCAT. With two AIMCATs to go I will admit that I am still struggling to get the strategy correct.

I will compliment T.I.M.E. for the excellent mock CATs that they have been throwing at us. This time they went one step further. The AIMCAT was organized at only two centers in Mumbai. Mine was at Ambedkar College, Wadala. Found the place on Google Earth so riding out there was a breeze.

Got there to find the college in a real bad state. The benches were covered with dust, probably because of the Diwali Vacations 😕

Then came the exam. 75 questions, 150 marks in 150 minutes. Didn’t clear a single cut-off. What I realized accuracy took a beating. And, I was so helpless, still am because I can’t figure out how to solve half of them (without the solutions) :((

Got home after the paper. The ride home was peaceful and there were signs of rain.

Rain it did, in the evening during the open air mass that we had in church to celebrate Family Day.

We were singing and that came out extremely good 🙂 (One bright aspect of the day).

The mass had to be moved inside church and it was real wonder that twice the number (if not more) of people, than the normal capacity, fit inside our church.

Following mass was housie (I didn’t play) and dinner. I was a bit apprehensive about the quality of the food especially since my last experience with Fiesta Night. And this time the tickets were only Rs 40, with the rest being put in by the church.

Then began Monday. We had originally planned to fill up a good deal of the admission forms and send it off today.
Started with the XLRI Admission first only to realize that their whole process is so damn confusing. The website backend is pathetically designed. Maybe the designers (Sify) need to hire people who know their stuff!

The Sify helpline is equally pathetic, but isn’t that the case with most of the call centres?

As a result we have to cancel the demand-drafts that we created and go pick up the XLRI forms from Mahim tomorrow. Another long trip in the heat!

Thankfully, we don’t have to face this trouble with each and every form we fill. I like clean, easy to understand procedures. Seems like some institutes want to test your “management skills” even before they think of hiring you!

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  1. I’m a relatively calm person. Also, the usual brunt of my grumbling is borne by a few close friends. Would hate to have my readers listening to me grumbling.

    Thanks for the comment, hope to see more of these in the future.

    And the AIMCAT… well can’t say much about that 🙁

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