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    To Gravatar or not to?

    I have been using Gravatars in the comments of my posts for more than a year now. I have been using the Official Gravatar Plugin because no other plugin has worked suitably for me. The problem with the official plugin is that it pulls the gravatar from the main site during every load. This consumes a good amount of their bandwidth and also slows down the loading on this site. I’m now wondering if I should continue using Gravatars on this blog or not? Any thoughts about it? Are you using Gravatars on your blog? Would you like to see them here?

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    Now PR5

    It has been a while since I had a PR5 rank on my blog. After I removed the WWW, my pagerank plummeted. The rank dropped to 3 and rose to 4 after a while. With the latest pagerank update that took place yesterday, I noticed that the rank had jumped up to 5. 🙂 I’m glad that my Donate page is still PR6, while the Donations Received page is a PR5. If you would like a link to your site on that page, you know what to do 😉

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    Text Link Ads adds Feedvertising

    Text Link Ads has gone one step further in their advertising program. Feed publishers can now have advertisers place ads on their feeds. You are allowed upto six ads as of now. You can also choose to display personal links of your own. e.g. as of now I have 1 personal link and five ad links available for purchase. Advertisers can now browse a large collection of links and advertise their sites. This works to be much better exposure as sites with plenty of posts ensures greater exposure! Are you an advertiser? Advertise on my feed. We are rated among the Top 25 Technorati Ranked Feedvertising Packages! Read more about…

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    The reddit button Plugin for WordPress

    I have just released The reddit button Plugin for WordPress. You can use this plugin to insert a reddit button for your post. This plugin automatically adds a button to the QuickTags toolbar in the post screen. Clicking the button will prompt you to insert the style of the button you wish to add. If you are not using the Quicktags i.e. using the WYSIWYG or you want to do it manually, you can add <!--reddit_1--> or <!--reddit_2--> or <!--reddit_3--> where you want to display the button. For correct XHTML, make sure that the code is added on a new line. Read more and download the reddit button plugin >>…

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    Search this Blog with Google

    Not that you couldn’t do it before, but now Google search has been integrated perfectly with this blog. I have still maintained the option of using the inbuilt search because that will give you the best result. However, if you want to search comments as well, then Google can help you. There are three ways for you to use Google to search: 1. Enter your search term in the search box in the right sidebar and click the Google button. 2. If your search term doesn’t find anything in the inbuilt search, the result page will provide you a form to search using Google. 3. Visit the Google Search page…

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    Some Changes. What do you think?

    I have been making quite a few changes to this blog for the past few weeks now. Feed Changes Feed Redirection Began first by redirecting my blog feed /feed/ to the Feedburner one. So even if you have been subscribing to /feed/ you will be redirected correctly and I have better ways of keeping a count of everyone subscribed. Read how I did it. Feed Flare Next customization was with the Feedburner Feed itself. Have utilized FeedFlare. You can now digg the post and/or view the number of diggs. Also choose to track the comments with co.mments. Also Add to del.icio.us or email your friend 🙂 What other flares would…

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    A Comprehensive Guide to Protecting Your Blog from Spam

    Blog spam is something that every blogger fears. Spam appears in different forms. It can vary from trackback or pingback spam, comment spam, deliberate harsh comments to email harvesting and spam resulting from it. Spam cannot be stopped. But by following a few good steps you can protect yourself from it. This tutorial will teach you how to protect your WordPress blog from spam.

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