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    Connections Reloaded 1.5

    With the release of WordPress Widgets and requested by several of my users, I felt it but appropriate to release a new version of Connections Reloaded. Presenting Connections Reloaded 1.5! What’s new? Complete code rewrite Complete support for WordPress 1.5, 2.0 and 2.1-alpha Support for WordPress Widgets Archives, Links and “Pages with Comments” Page Templates have been improved Trackbacks and Comments now displayed seperately. Title tag rewritten to take care of 404 error pages and search results pages 404 and search pages improved All displayed text now written with _e. This is one more step towards internationalization Though the DOCTYPE is set to be XHTML 1.0 Transistional, the code is…

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    It was inevitable

    ..said Neo to Mr. Smith in Matrix Revolutions. And so was this. After holding out for a long long time, I finally upgraded to WordPress 2.0.2 in a quest to reduce the resources that 1.5 consumes. And, it hasn’t changed much 🙁 Anyway, I have disabled a lot of plugins to reduce mySQL Usage. I’m also purchased a VPS and will be moving this blog there by tomorrow.

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    WordPress upgraded

    WordPress 1.5.2 is vulnerable and you should upgrade. However, I didn’t want to upgrade this blog to 2.x because I don’t have much need for the new “features” that 2.x offers and also I fear a lot of my plugins that I use here may break. However, I did want my blog to be secure. Thanks to suggestions from Robert Deaton, I upgraded my blog to the latest 1.5.x release. You cannot get this release directly from the WP site, so you will need to get it from the Trac. I have written a guide for the same, so that you can get your blog secured.

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    My blog on your Google Toolbar

    I have now made available a button which you can add to your Google Toolbar. This button allows you one-click access to this blog. Additionally, you can directly search this blog using Google Toolbar itself. Lastly, the button automatically displays the ten latest posts from this blog via an RSS feed, so you don’t even need a feedreader for the same. For those who still prefer to use a feed reader we offer the following feeds. Note that you will need v4.0 of the Google Toolbar. If you don’t have it, clicking on the link above will prompt you to install the same.

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    Page Templates in Connections Reloaded

    404s is something all of us dread. And if you have freshly installed Connections Reloaded you may run into them if you don’t have certain pages created. Connections Reloaded requires the following pages to be present. About This page is automatically created in a fresh install of WordPress and you won’t need to create it, unless you have deleted it. Archives This page needs to be created using the Archives Template. While creating the page select Archives from the Page Template: drop down box. Links This page needs to be created using the Links Template. While creating the page select Linksfrom the Page Template: drop down box. Rules This is…

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    Images, Hotlinking and Feeds

    For those who have subscribed to the feeds on my site may have noticed that instead of pictures loading, you instead have a pale violet image. This is because I have hot-linking protection turned ON. And unfortunately, I don’t think I will be turning it OFF in the near future. For those who don’t know, websites can display an image from another site and pretend to have it as their own. This not only causes loss of bandwidth for the source website but is straight forward stealing! I’ve noticed over time a lot of images on my site, especially those in my reviews have been linked to from other sites.…

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    Feed Flare added to Blog Feed

    As some of you may be aware, Feedburner has now launched a interactive RSS feeds called as Feed Flare. As a test I have activated Feed Flare for the feed of this site. I have still not done so for my Connections Reloaded feed. Am going to monitor the performance of this over a few days before I do so. You currently have the following options available to you: – Email the post – See number of incoming links, – Add to del.icio.us and view del.icio.us tags – view number of comments I have a feeling that many posts may have to be redownloaded, but I can’t confirm this for…

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    FortyFaces.com is a site with a difference. It is the work of Philipp Lenssen. When you (actually I, along with another 170+ webmasters) post, instead of the post showing up a picture of yours with a link to the latest post shows up on the main page. Why FortyFaces? Because, that is what you see… the faces of the forty webmasters of the last forty posts. This is my first post there since he added me to the list, so let’s see how it goes 🙂 BTW. The image you will see is:

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    When will Google Analytics code on my site be active?

    Signed up for Google Analytics around the time they launched (around Monday) and added the needed code to my website promptly. Got a message saying that the data was being populated and it would take 24 hours. So I decided to wait it out and after over 36 hours when nothing seemed to happen, I thought it would be better to delete and readd the site, only to find that this time it couldn’t detect the code. Writing to support was useless because I got the common reply: The

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