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Bad Behavior Stats v1.3

Released v1.3 of my Bad Behavior Stats plugin today. v1.3 fixes the Cannot find database error when you are using the latest version (v1.1.2) of Bad Behavior. The plugin now also checks if Bad Behavior is installed / activated andā€¦

Transpose Email Plugin v1.1 Released

I have released v1.1 of Transpose Email plugin. It fixes the javascript error when the blog was served as application/xhtml+xml Thanks to Sam Stevens for informing me that my example on my blog didn’t work in firefox šŸ˜€ The pluginā€¦

Transpose Email Plugin

I have a javascript function on my other website which was used to ‘encrypt’ my email address. It is different from other email address encrypters, mainly because it was easy to use and edit and didn’t require use of anā€¦

m0n5t3r’s Ajax Spell Checker Plugin

Just added m0n5t3r’s Ajax Spell Checker Plugin It is based on Ajax Spell Checker. It works in the WordPress Admin Write page. It doesn’t work on the comments page yet. It adds a simple link “Check Spelling” to the Quicktagsā€¦

Bad Behavior Stats v1.2

Released v1.2 of my Bad Behavior Stats plugin today. v1.2 has the following updates: Now, the number of days variable $bb_no_of_days is passed to the function as an argument, which means the plugin file need no longer be modified duringā€¦

WordPress Security Update

WordPress just released a security update and version as well. Read all about it here. Posting the security update below in case you don’t want to download and install Open the wp-includes file in a text editor likeā€¦

Bad Behavior Stats Plugin

Came across Bad Behaviour which is a plugin for WordPress which is a set of PHP scripts which prevents spambots from accessing your site by analyzing their actual HTTP requests and comparing them to profiles from known spambots. It goesā€¦

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