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    Now create your very own Search Engine

    You can now harness the power of Google to build your very own search engine tailored to sites you want to search. Google has just launched Custom Search Engine. All you have to do is give it a name and select which sites you want it to search from. You have the option of either searching only these sites or emphasizing the results from these sites while searching the web. You can also embed the search engine on your website via the AdSense for Search program and make some money via the traffic that it generates. You also have the option of letting users volunteer by submitting their list of…

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    Got a Google Account? Join Orkut!

    From the very beginning Orkut has been invitation based. Inspite of that the number of users has increased tremendously and today it is one of the most popular Social Networking sites. I remember one and half year ago there were no Firefox Extensions for Orkut except for the Orkut oolbar and when I searched the other day, there are a good number. I got hold of Orkut Scrapper recently. Anyway, back on topic, Google has finally opened up Orkut Subscription for all users. This means you no longer need to wait for an invite to get an account. If you already have a Google Account, which is free to get,…

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    Armed with the N73

    It was coming, coming and it finally has 🙂 I am now a proud owner of the Nokia N73. Had been debating between the N80 and the N73 for a while now. I was inclined towards the N80 at first, but the N73 seemed a much better choice. And I am glad I picked this one up. I’m stunned at the sleek look and the ease of use of the phone. The 3.2MegaPixel camera is simply fantastic! For smaller occasions I won’t even need to carry my Olympus or my Handcam anymore! Already got click happy when I went for the party today. More details about that in another post.…

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    Ajay D’Souza – Netvibes Translator

    Had expressed interest in translating Netvibes. Got the invitation today for the same. The languages available are Hindi, Marathi and Tamil. However, the catch is that the language has to be in written in their respective fonts. Well I don’t know Tamil so that rules it out and my Marathi could well do with some brushing up. So I have started translating the Hindi portion, atleast whatever I am able to so far. I was able to find a good English to Hindi font, so to say website called QuillPad. It works via phonetics. e.g. you can type kya kar rahe hain aap? which means What are you doing? and…

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    Orkut in trouble in Aurangabad

    Gautam pointed out this article in the Economic Times today about Google’s Social Networking Site, a.k.a. Orkut In a nutshell, this is because of the “We Hate India” community which has been present on Orkut for a long time now. I’m stunned that Orkut has not done anything about it in so many months of hundreds, maybe thousands of users reporting it. AURANGABAD: The Aurangabad bench of Bombay High Court has directed the Maharashtra government to issue notice to Google for the alleged spread of hatred about India by its social network service `Orkut’. The order was issued by Justice A P Deshpande and Justice R M Borde Monday in…

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    YouTube now belongs to Google

    After a great deal of speculation, discussions and debates, Google is finally set to acquire YouTube for $1.65m, a paltry sum indeed. The official press release says that YouTube will continue to operate independently. This ofcourse leaves the question of what will happen to Google Video. Will it continue to run independently? Or will it now search within YouTube’s videos as well? I guess all this remains to be seen and it is still to early to decide which way Google will go. What I would like is an integrated Google Account login.

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    Computer Sunday; Study Monday

    Had two completely antithetical days yesterday and today (actually, that would be day before and yesterday, given the time of this post). Awoke early Sunday morning and went for the 8.30am mass for which we were singing. I haven’t awoken at 7.30am since a long long time and as a result I ended up feeling extremely drowsy during mass and a good portion of the morning after that. Would normally have hit the bed for a while, but

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    Exatt and Digg

    It was waiting to happen and it has. Regular readers would have read a few rants about my internet connection. I have a “broadband” connection with Exatt. It works using PPPOE and am assigned a dynamic IP everytime I login. That is fine, but of late I have been noticing that the IP Addresses are all blacklisted in Spam Databases! The first time I noticed it was with the latest version of Bad Behavior, when I got blocked out of my own blog. Had to downgrade. And, today I noticed it with Digg. A spam database lookup for my IP at DNS Stuff finds it in a good number of…

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