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    Ajay D’Souza – Netvibes Translator

    Had expressed interest in translating Netvibes. Got the invitation today for the same. The languages available are Hindi, Marathi and Tamil. However, the catch is that the language has to be in written in their respective fonts. Well I don’t know Tamil so that rules it out and my Marathi could well do with some brushing up. So I have started translating the Hindi portion, atleast whatever I am able to so far. I was able to find a good English to Hindi font, so to say website called QuillPad. It works via phonetics. e.g. you can type kya kar rahe hain aap? which means What are you doing? and…

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    Computer Sunday; Study Monday

    Had two completely antithetical days yesterday and today (actually, that would be day before and yesterday, given the time of this post). Awoke early Sunday morning and went for the 8.30am mass for which we were singing. I haven’t awoken at 7.30am since a long long time and as a result I ended up feeling extremely drowsy during mass and a good portion of the morning after that. Would normally have hit the bed for a while, but

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    How to Fix Google Reader in Opera

    If you have been using Google Reader, you would have noticed that it doesn’t work with Opera as of now. However, there is a fix available for the same which is very easy to apply. Get hold of reader.js and save it to some location on your PC, e.g. C:Program FilesOperaprofilecache4 In Opera, visit http://www.google.com/reader/ and then right click in the page your Google Reader page, click Edit site preferences Go to Scripting and see the box for choosing a file there? type the path to reader.js that you got in Step 1. i.e. C:Program FilesOperaprofilecache4reader.js in our example. Refresh the page. Source: YesWhyYen and Tech-Buzz

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    Have just created a new category on this blog, which shall contain posts exclusively about some of the best apps out there. And let me inaugurate this category with one such software I cannot live without. It goes by the name Notepad++ and it could very well have been called Notepad++++ !!

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    Flickr Pro or Gallery 2? Help me decide

    And once again I get into the great dilema of deciding what do I use to run my photo album. The last time I was in a similar dilema was when I had to choose between Gallery2 or Coppermine. I’ve always been toying with the idea of integrating the photo gallery within this blog itself. Everybody remembers this URL and it makes sense. I can do this with both Gallery2 and Flickr, however with the current installation of G2 on a seperate domain is not possible. This means hosting Gallery2 on this blog, which is something I am not very keen of doing just yet. I had been looking at…

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    Now PR5

    It has been a while since I had a PR5 rank on my blog. After I removed the WWW, my pagerank plummeted. The rank dropped to 3 and rose to 4 after a while. With the latest pagerank update that took place yesterday, I noticed that the rank had jumped up to 5. 🙂 I’m glad that my Donate page is still PR6, while the Donations Received page is a PR5. If you would like a link to your site on that page, you know what to do 😉

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    Text Link Ads adds Feedvertising

    Text Link Ads has gone one step further in their advertising program. Feed publishers can now have advertisers place ads on their feeds. You are allowed upto six ads as of now. You can also choose to display personal links of your own. e.g. as of now I have 1 personal link and five ad links available for purchase. Advertisers can now browse a large collection of links and advertise their sites. This works to be much better exposure as sites with plenty of posts ensures greater exposure! Are you an advertiser? Advertise on my feed. We are rated among the Top 25 Technorati Ranked Feedvertising Packages! Read more about…

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    This Past Week in Ajay’s Life

      It sure has been a while since I visited Pizza Hut, but it was a welcome change when I visited it on Thursday. They have introduced a new range of pizzas which is not yet displayed online. Well, they didn’t turn out to be extraordinary, and definitely didn’t look like the pictures on the menu :O Advertising 😛 Mass was good and so was our singing. U. Conrad asked me to sing the response. Hey! I’m not a solo singer! But, I can definitely “say” the responses 😉 Sunday was the AIMCAT as usual. This time it wasn’t as good as I hoped. Ran out of time for Maths.…

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