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    Featured in Mumbai Mirror’s Bloggers’ Park

    Imagine my shock, surprise and excitement to find out that my review of Slumdog Millionaire was featured in Mumbai Mirror’s Bloggers’ Park. Here’s a softcopy of the article as it appeared in the newspaper. Mumbai Mirror is a newspaper focused for Mumbai that comes along with The Times of India. Though, I must say that I didn’t see much traffic coming out here because of the article, I am pleased that my review was considered newspaper worthy 🙂 Thank you Mumbai Mirror! And, thanks to @rahuljrark of Cool Tricks N Tips for pointing this out to me.

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    An Article from a Marathi Manoos

    Who approves of the riots that the MNS rages in the name of Maharashtrians? Definitely not any of those I know who strictly condemn them. Are even Maharashtrians safe from this? Apparently not. In Goonda Raj, Marathi manoos and Mumbai Mirror editor Deepak Lokhande has related his experience of Tuesday where he bore the brunt of Raj Thackeray?s zeal to ?save? Maharashtrians!

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    HC takes charge of Pereira case

    After Alister Pereira was left of with a sentence of just six months after having killed seven labourers, the Mumbai High Court has taken charge of the case and has asked the police to submit all the evidence in the case. Without doubt, the police have been really sloppy in the investigation and a lot of people were enraged with this. What was really pissing off was his lawyers stating that the sentence of six months was harsh!

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    Halloween theme for Netvibes

    Come Halloween and Netvibes is ready with a brand new Halloween Theme. This one is very different from the other themes that Netvibes has because this is the first dark theme they have. Though there is a dark background one wise thing is that the modules still have a white background with black text making it easy to read. You can apply this theme or set it in the Settings panel.

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    WordPress 2.0.5 Ronan is out

    WordPress today released v2.0.5. This release has been named Ronan after Ryan Boren‘s son. There are a huge number of fixes as well as some security related ones. Hence, it is highly recommended that you upgrade your installation. Mark’s got quick list of changes in 2.0.5 if you want to review in short what has changed. I’ll try and see if I can churn up a list of modified files between 2.0.4 and 2.0.5. Until then you may want to upgrade your installation. Update: It has been reported that some users are facing a “Server 500 error” after upgrading. If you face this problem, you will need to install the…

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    C|Net launches Crave

    Received an email today of a brand new blog launched by C|Net. The blog is called Crave So what exactly is Crave? Crave is a blog from the editors and writers at CNET that shows the hottest and sexiest digital gadgetry on the horizon. And this dedicated site is all about showcasing the products that people like you and me lust after–that is, crave I’m surprised that it is a “new” blog because there are already 196 posts as of this moment and already has a 106,295 rank on Technorati, which I am sure will steadily rise! If you are a gadget freak like me then this is one blog…

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    Presenting the All New Yahoo! Bookmarks

    Yahoo! may own Del.icio.us however, that hasn’t stopped it from launching a fantastic update to Yahoo! Bookmarks. If you compare that with the old version (which I didn’t know existed), you will understand how major the upgrade actually is! They also have a comprehensive Flash Tutorial that will teach you how to use the new bookmarks interface. I would think that with the upgraded Bookmark service, Yahoo! would go all out to promote it, however C|Net reports that users of Yahoo! My Web will soon be directed to Del.icio.us If you intend to use Yahoo! Bookmarks do get the updated version of Yahoo! Toolbar which has integrated support for the…

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    WordPress.com Launches Domain Registration and Mapping

    WordPress.com today released Domain Registration and Mapping for your WordPress.com blog. This is a paid addon. Only mapping with your existing domain is $10/year. If you don’t have a domain name you can register and map it for $15. There was a time I would have taken this service. However, I no longer maintain and update my WordPress.com Blog as much as I hoped to. Besides, I prefer having complete control over my blog and have plenty of space to host any future initiatives. But, it could work out to be a very useful service for those who want the convenience of hosting their own blog, letting someone else do…

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    Now create your very own Search Engine

    You can now harness the power of Google to build your very own search engine tailored to sites you want to search. Google has just launched Custom Search Engine. All you have to do is give it a name and select which sites you want it to search from. You have the option of either searching only these sites or emphasizing the results from these sites while searching the web. You can also embed the search engine on your website via the AdSense for Search program and make some money via the traffic that it generates. You also have the option of letting users volunteer by submitting their list of…

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    Orkut in trouble in Aurangabad

    Gautam pointed out this article in the Economic Times today about Google’s Social Networking Site, a.k.a. Orkut In a nutshell, this is because of the “We Hate India” community which has been present on Orkut for a long time now. I’m stunned that Orkut has not done anything about it in so many months of hundreds, maybe thousands of users reporting it. AURANGABAD: The Aurangabad bench of Bombay High Court has directed the Maharashtra government to issue notice to Google for the alleged spread of hatred about India by its social network service `Orkut’. The order was issued by Justice A P Deshpande and Justice R M Borde Monday in…

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