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    Supply Chains and Social Entrepreneurship

    Mentioned the schedule for the week yesterday. There are two major changes. Firstly, the learn by rote Corporate Governance exam has been postponed to the 7th. And, the scarier SAP-BIW exam has been scheduled for Friday 🙁 Woke up at 6.45am today to give the Supply Chain Modeling FCQ. The exam started at 7.15am amidst confusion and clarification over the 1st question. This turned out to be the easier and the solvable one for me. I knew the solution for the second one on paper but had absolutely no clue how to convert the solution into Excel 🙁 Whichever subject I choose, operations research follows me :'( This followed by…

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    Schedule for the Week

    This always happens at the end of the semester and this time is no different. Have an extremely intensive week lined up with tests, presentations and assignment submissions. Here’s to give you an idea about the same: 30th September – Supply Chain Modeling FCQ & Social Entrepreneurship presentation 1st October – Corporate Governance Final Exam 2nd October – Financial Statement Analysis Project Submissions 3rd October – Software Project Management and Financial Statement Analysis presentations 4th October – Mergers and Acquisitions submission 5th October – Supply Chain Modeling assignment submission All this calls for a lot of sleepless nights and worse 🙁

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    Home, N96, FSA and Luxury Marketing

    The last two weeks have been busy, as usual. Last week had a Software Project Management class followed by which I caught a Volvo to Mumbai to get away from the weekend long powercuts. Spend time with the special someone. Came back to Pune and immediately got down to work with my FSA case. Was called away by my director to help restore the contacts on his Nokia N96. After struggling for a good amount of time with trying to use Nokia Contact Manager to import the CSV file, I realized it was easier to do the transfer via Outlook Express and Nokia Sync. Everything went perfect. Got back to…

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    Onam and Plugin Development

    The entire week has been relatively light, which changes tomorrow. Spent a good portion of the week programming. I released Digg Integrate, TwitterCounter and Auto-Close in the past week. I have a few more plugins planned for release in the next few weeks. These are mainly things I use or want to use out here on my very own blogs. 12th September was celebrated as Onam. For the second year in a row, SCMHRD won the Pookalam contest. Photos below for your viewing pleasure. Lunch was arranged by the students who celebrate Onam. Food was served on banana leaves. Well, I enjoyed the food and ate a great deal 🙂…

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    Life Updates as Promised

    I haven’t had much time to get down to blogging what I have been upto in the past month. Having celebrated my birthday in Mumbai, I headed back to Pune to get on with life. Had originally planned to come back to Mumbai on Thursday itself for Placements work. However, a thought improvement workshop interrupted these plans. The workshop was conducted by CGN. The workshop is actually a program by The Pacific Institute. I had originally planned on going into details for the same, but I guess most of the same is copyrighted and it would not be correct. In brief, the workshop covers topics like scotomas, Reticular Activating System,…

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    20 hours power cut, not seven

    The newspapers may have reported only seven hours power cut, but that definitely wasn’t the case! After about ten hours of no power, I wondered if we would get the electricity back anytime soon. Well, we did, a full twenty hours later. Added to that we had a total blackout around 12.30am which lasted for another eight hours or so. Kept tossing and turning in my bed for a good portion of the night with huge mosquitoes hovering all around me. When I finally did fall asleep, it was time to wake up 🙁 Have to hit the books now. There’s a lot that has happened in the past which…

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    Is it only seven hours load shedding in Pune?

    From today onwards we have seven hours of load shedding. I’m not sure if this is in addition to the almost 48 hours of load shedding on weekends. As for six hours, the same is debatable. At around 4.30pm power was cut and its almost midnight now and there is no electricity. And, if rumours are correct there will be total blackout after midnight. Will post an update on the situation later. God! I miss Mumbai 🙁

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    Freshers and a Birthday Party

    August is always a high-activity month with a huge number of birthdays and other occasions. Freshers’ Party After being postponed several times, the Fresher’s Party finally took place on August 6. Dance parties aren’t really my favorite and this is usually no exception, especially when the DJ should pay for playing the trash he dished out! Without doubt, I spent a good portion of my time outside the venue, which was the SIU poolside. Food however, was better this time, with chicken added to the menu. Needless to say I ensured I ate well. Below is a photo of me with my date and below that is a photo of…

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    Techtites, Blogging and College

    I love third semester, or atleast what I have seen so far! The schedule has been so much lighter than before that I have had sufficient free time to pursue other things, e.g my blogging which had gone dead in the past year. For starters, I got about revamping Techtites. Also spent whole of Sunday preparing blog posts for Techtites. My next step would be to work on this blog and see what I can do with it. Evening in Fresher’s Day. After being postponed time and time again for the past week the date and details have been finalized. It sure is fun to see the “costumes” that people…

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    More Interviews and Tests

    Spent most of Sunday working on the Project Management presentation for Monday evening and so had to spend the little time available on Monday morning preparing for the Corporate Finance quiz. The quiz turned out to be dedicated to the time value of money which was pretty decent, so I won’t complain about that. Could have done better I guess. Tuesday usually is a light day, as is Wednesday. However, they are usually consumed in working on the new Financial Statement Analysis case or some other assignment that manages to crop up. Monday to Wednesday evenings were spent interviewing juniors for the Admissions Core Committee, the last obligation we have…

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