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    Scotland Calling: Edinburgh

    This post is already 2 months late, because soon after my trip to Scotland, I was immersed deep into work. Better late than never, so here is a brief summary of my holiday in Scotland. It was a good 6 months after my trip to Mumbai for my wedding and a holiday was a necessity. While the I did make a trip to Hampton Court Palace which is outside the M25, the trip to Scotland would be my first trip outside London. Ashwina and I decided to do a 7 day visit to Scotland spread out between Edinburgh and the Isle of Skye. So on a Sunday in mid-September, we…

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    Mumbai Calling – December 2011

    I look forward to Christmas every single year. It’s the time of cheer and happiness with the place all lit up and decorated. I usually spend Christmas in Mumbai with an exception being last year, when I was stuck in London waiting for my visa. This year, I booked my tickets in early August to take advantage of prices when booking early. I must admit that I am sceptical of this so called price advantage! Come December, as expected the pressures at work go through the roof as everyone tries to complete 31 days work in 15 before Europe and the UK starts to slow down for the holiday period.…

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    2010: A Life Changing Year

    Come new years eve, most people stop and take a look at the year that was past. I am no different. The end of 2010 also brings together the end of the first decade of the new millennium. And, what a decade it has been! And, what a year 2010 has been! For me 2010 has been one of best years professionally and one of my worst personally (or so I think currently). I began 2010 with a clear future in mind. I had my usual 5 year plan ready, complete with a Plan B in place! But, as they say, man proposes, God disposes, little did I know how…

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    London Calling!

    My secondment at my company got me flying off to London and I fell in love with the city the minute I stepped out of the airport. And, I have grown to love the place even more in the past three weeks. I must confess that I haven’t seen much of this place, because I have been working a lot more out here than back in Bangalore! But, the work is good and responsibility is even better. I am hoping that the week to come will be a bit lighter. I landed here on the 3rd which was a bank holiday out here in UK and so grabbed complete opportunity…

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    My Goa Trip

    Well, it’s been two weeks since I got back from Goa and I’ve spent the last two weeks documenting the daily visits of Goa. To sum up, my entire visit of Goa was fun. It was the first time that I went there, but I’ve learned how to get myself around it (hopefully) Anyway, here’s the listing of the trip to Goa. Day 0 – Bombay to Goa Day 1 – The Hitchhikers Day 2 – Museum Hunting Day 3 – At Home Day 4 – Shopping and Walking Day 5 – Wining and Dining Day 6 – Church Day 6 – A Day at the Beach Day 7 –…

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    Goa Travels: Day 7 – Goa to Bombay

    As all good things come to an end, our exhausting but extremely enjoyable vacation in Goa finally drew to a close. We had tickets for the afternoon Shatabdi Express back to Mumbai. But, the return journey didn’t mean we didn’t have an exhausting morning. It began with us gardening, more like pruning the the plants out there in preparation for the monsoon, when they grow uncontrolled. This also meant my debut in this field 😉 Before that, Crispin headed off to Badem to meet his grandmother. He returned with a huge box of mangoes… a huge, extremely heavy box that we had to lug back to Mumbai. After lunch, we set…

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    Goa Travels: Day 6 – A Day at the Beach

    A week in Goa without visiting the beach is something very few people would do. Well, we aren’t among those people. We had plans to go swimming in a nice swimming pool, but when plans didn’t work out, we chose to visit the beach. The beaches in Goa are usually crowded and on a Sunday afternoon it’s at its worst. And Baga Beach is among the most crowded of beaches as the picture above shows you. However, Valley knew of a secluded portion of Baga Beach, which is where we headed to. It worked well, because we got the beach almost to ourselves, with the exception of a few lechers…

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    Goa Travels: Day 6 – Church

    We slept quite late (infact early in the morning) after the barbecue on Saturday and it was quite a bit of a problem awaking by 7am to make it for the 8am mass. However, we did struggle out of our beds and get ready. Now Thivim Chapel is right on top of the hill, which means a great deal of walking indeed! Walking is bad enough, walking up a hill is worse, walking up a hill in the heat can be a real pain, but walking up a hill in the heat in formals is a real killer! By the time we were at the top we were totally drenched…

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    Goa Travels: Day 5 – Wining and Dining

    We may have walked all over Thivim the previous day, but that wouldn’t stop us from travelling to Badem to visit Crispin‘s Grandmother. Our last visit to Badem was pretty much a disaster as it involved us hitchhiking all over the place. Our trip to Mapusa was by the usual bus. We were accompanied by Dora, who for some strange reason buys half tickets for all of us. And the stranger thing is that the conductor gives her them knowing it is for us! Anyway, our journey from Mapusa to Badem was extremely comfortable as we got a ride in a car, yes a real car, and one with an…

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