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    Last Weeks at SCMHRD and Mumbai

    I returned to college in mid March for the last two weeks at SCMHRD; two weeks filled with exams and vivas. Began first shot of the exams with the viva for our Finance Paper on 21st March. It was short, to the point and sweet with average marks. We also collected out hall tickets on that day. Two days prior to that Sneha got placed. It was also the same day that Namrata manage to break a leg (and I’m not talking show business) while shopping. She sure got fussed over for two weeks. My first written paper was for World Class Management on 26th of March and the paper…

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    Off to Bengaluru

    If you?re reading this post, I?m already on the plane or maybe even in Bangalore. If you?ve been following this blog for a while, you?d know that I got placed through my college last November. As required by the job, I have to relocate to the city of Bangalore and the time has finally come for it. This is in fact the first time I?ve ventured out of the safety of Mumbai into the unknown. Two years back when I set out to do my MBA in SCMHRD, Pune, I knew that I had everything planned and fixed with no need to worry about food, clothing or shelter. This time,…

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    Two Years, Four Years, Two Months

    Had dinner atΒ Sheesha which is on the terrace of Shopper’s Stop in Bandra. The place is dark and expensive. Food was good. So no complains. While we were there, the skies decided to open up and Mumbai got its taste of the monsoons this year. It poured cats and dogs for well over 30 minutes. I decided to spend the night at my Grandma’s place in Bandra itself. Came back home in the morning to find my internet down as usual. Went to work only by 2pm. With just a few days to go, it wasn’t such an issue πŸ™‚ My darling Flame turned four on the 4th of June.…

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    Two Months in a Post

    Can’t believe my last personal post was on March 4th.. Then we were just getting into the exam spirit and a lot has happened since then. For starters, we had to get through a barrage of exams, that just didn’t seem to stop. Everyone desperately looked towards March 29th, the last day of the exams, also the day when we could all rush home. Exams were ok, though they seem to be at some point of my distant past! πŸ™‚ Headed to Mumbai on 29th, dropped off my bags, picked up my bike from ABJ, who has been taking good care of it. Work began on April 7th. I got…

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    So Long, Farewell, It’s Time To Say Goodbye

    Yesterday was my last day at Larsen & Toubro – Control and Automation. My design team threw me a farewell party. Will be honest and say that I did not expect it. It came as a great surprise πŸ™‚ Was gifted a Parker Pen set. Was also given my first birthday card (well in advance) along with a box of chocolates (which everyone made sure was shared πŸ˜‰ ). Will miss you all! And you can hold me to my birthday treat once the monsoons pass πŸ™‚ Finished off the clearance formalities today at Powai. Just got a little settlement of dues pending for tomorrow and collecting my service certificate.…

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    A Funny Farewell Email

    Was out searching for a sample farewell email as today is my last second-last day at work and stumbled upon this really funny one by Chris Kula. How many of you identify / identified with this? Update: sourced from WayBack Machine since the site is down. One might hope that the Monday morning following a long weekend of travel might be a chance to ease back slowly into the dull gray world of Day Job mediocrity. But when that morning is rife with backed-up emails written in office-y doublespeak, Post It note “reminders” placed on one’s monitor for maximum passive aggression, and nary a word of “Welcome back” or “How…

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    Punctured Tyres, Horrid Traffic and Heavy Rains

    We had barely travelled two kilometres from office yesterday when we heard a huge hissing sound, only to find that the back tyre of our bus had punctured. Probably because of some pointed stone on the extremely rundown, pothole-ridden road. It meant a good wait of nearly half an hour while our driver and his helper changed the tyre. That also resulted in getting heavy traffic all the way home πŸ™ Reached home a little before 9pm, extremely bored, tired and sleepy. Headed over to the bank this after and later picked up a whole bunch of CDs on my way home. The prices sure have fallen since the last…

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    As the week draws to a close

    I’ve had an extremely frustrating week. Began Monday itself on a really bad note (details soon). But, it kind of helped me get through the rest of the week πŸ™‚ The rest of the week was quite exhausting as I have been working on completely the handover process which is nearly done. I also started a countdown to 11th August, which is my last day at work, by changing my display name on IPMessenger. This has created quite a sensation in office and I was reminded when I forgot to update it last morning. πŸ˜‰ Sleep has been pretty much on the back seat for the past two days because…

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    At the end of the week

    As the day draws near, I’m starting to get exceedingly frustrated. For once the days just don’t seem to move. And I know I will write a similar post a few months down the line wondering how and where the days went by! Have at a filled weekend yet again. I managed to make it for choir practice on Friday after a long long time. Learnt two hymns even before the practice started. I went off to get my bro’s cellphone repaired on Saturday afternoon. Am going to get myself a new phone. Still finalizing the details. Any suggestions? Went for the 7pm evening mass. Missed my morning lecture on…

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