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    Yet another week gone by…

    Well, I’m exhausted! It’s been a week and once again I haven’t had the time to blog. Last Saturday, the 4th was a rather eventful day. Something that will remain in my memory for a long long time. And I won’t mention why 😉 In the evening had the “Fiesta Night” in church. The legendary band Crimson Rage were called to play. The only reason I went was because I heard that they mainly play ballroom music. They didn’t give me reason to complain. The music was simply fabulous. Unfortunately only till 10.30. Food was horrid, but then you can’t expect much for 150 bucks, can you? Took a walk…

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    Last Week in a Post

    Following my last post, have finally gotten down to posting the events of the last week (actually ten days). Began the week with a heavy work schedule. Worked late on 23, 24 and 25 of Jan and as a result missed choir practice and the prayer meeting! No complains because at the end of it the panel I was working on (along with others) was successfully dispatched on 25th evening. 26th Jan is Republic Day was a much needed holiday. Spent a good part of the morning at home and later in the afternoon met up with Madam C after a long long time! Headed off to Fun Republic to…

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    Two Weeks in a Post

    One very different post for a change. Well I’ve been up to so much in the past three weeks that I just haven’t had time to blog. Anyway, three weeks is also a long time to remember the minute details of the events so this is just an overview. So here goes. 12 Jan – Met up with Madam A on the way home from work and we headed for Peninsula for a tandoori dinner. 13 Jan – Watched Wedding Crashers yet again. This time with Melody. My review. 14 Jan – Madam A came over in the morning to get a cd done, which didn’t happen. Had mass as…

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    Working Late

    Ended up working late today. We have to deliver one of our products tomorrow and so spent the whole day today testing the unit. Wasn’t able to finish off by 6.15pm and so just stayed late. Finally left office around 8.30pm. Got a car drop upto Airoli and then as usual got the rick back home. This turned out to be a rather bumpy ride, because the rickshaw probably needed a little air in its tyres 🙁 Watching Clear and Present Danger on HBO. Had watched the end a while back, but making sure I catch the beginning now. Off to bed after this. Two day to go. Work pressure…

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    Sunday se Tuesday tak

    Am home early and typing this entry once again because EXATT SUCKS! As I mentioned earlier, I began Sunday by waking nice and late at 10.30am. Went over to Melody‘s house to help her mom. She needed some data to be restored to her Sony Ericsson P910i. What I expected to be easy, turned out to be a project in itself! Strangely the backup and restore software that comes in the cell refused to work! After a lot of research online and a good deal of R&D, I was finally able to restore her contacts list to her new phone. Left her place around 9.30pm. Plans with Madam A didn’t…

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    The Week ends!

    It’s Friday evening. The end of a short week. The week just flew by so quickly I didn’t even realize. Had practice on Monday, prayer meeting on Tuesday. It was the first one for the year and began with exposure to the Blessed Sacrament. Adoration was uptil 9pm. I missed the start because of us now being left at 6.15pm from work. Don’t think I will manage getting there on time anymore! Had choir practice this evening for mass tomorrow. Had some really yummy cake after that. I really eat a lot! Must note that I have been reaching home much earlier than expected, inspite of leaving later. Guess it…

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    Today was a good day!

    Today was a great day at work! For one we finally got the sytem that my colleague has been working on for almost two weeks up and running today. Additionally have managed to arrange for some of the components I have been chasing for a long time. Was down in the application lab pretty much most of the day. But, since the weather is pleasant working down there isn’t so much of a pain. Got relatives over at my place now on occasion of my parents jubilee. Sadly, Dad isn’t here 🙁 Anyway, have to go eat dinner now. The smell of food is really really tempting. And I am…

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    First Working Day of the Year

    Yesterday was the first working day of the year and I am glad that the year started of on a good note. Have been struggling with something all of last week and yesterday it worked ! Had a small office get-to-gether yesterday during office which was pretty mediocre. Didn’t expect otherwise, but was a welcome break from work. Left at 6.15pm from work yesterday as timings were increased. Surprisingly there wasn’t much traffic and I reached home well before 8pm much to the shock of my mom. Made it for choir practice. There weren’t many persons there to practice and I won’t be there for both the masses during this…

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    Work Timings Increased!

    Guess it was bound to happen! Work timings have increased by 15 minutes. I don’t really see how much it will benefit us, but I do know that now I won’t be able to reach home before 8.30pm, simply because the traffic situation in Mumbai is horrible. How does this translate? Well, I’m going to be late for all my choir practices and the prayer meetings X( Am irritated, and I really can’t see a bright side to these increased timings, as I could with six-day weeks.

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    Wrapping up the week

    Have been meaning to post regularly but somehow it kept slipping by. Have finally gotten down to make a nice long post. Tuesday was the engagement of a good pal at Mayfair Rooms. Planned to take an half day at work which actually spilled upto 4pm. Was pretty much a rush home, getting ready and rushing off to Bandra by 6pm! The party was good (though I didn’t know many) and food was even better and in all humility I will say I was looking really really nice 😉 Will post pics as soon as I get them. Wednesday was planned to goto Wellingdon to watch the Carol singing there,…

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