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    Movie review: Gulliver’s Travels

    If you were expecting Gulliver’s Travels to be a serious depiction of the book that Jonathan Swift wrote, then you will be very very disappointed. The movie is a comical depiction of the character, played by Jack Black. When Gulliver takes up the assignment to go visit the Bermuda Triangle, in a bid to impress Darcy, little does he realise that he would land up in an island with many tiny people. He soon wins the hearts of everyone out there and thus begins the story of lies and deceit. I watched the movie in 3D and it did add to the viewing experience. Jack Black plays his usual self…

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    Movie Review: The Tourist

    Elise: Invite me to dinner, Frank? Frank Tupelo: What? [she gives him a look] Frank Tupelo: Would you like to have dinner? Elise: Women don’t like questions. Frank Tupelo: Join me for dinner. Elise: Too demanding. Frank Tupelo: Join me for dinner? Elise: Another question. [Frank thinks for a moment] Frank Tupelo: I’m having dinner, if you’d care to join me. [Elise smiles at him] Am no expert on asking anyone out to dinner, so this is definitely not something I tried! But, this quote definitely stuck out in this movie. The Tourist tells the story of Frank Tupelo who meets the lovely, gorgeous, stunning, beautiful (…) Elise on a…

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    Movie Review: Unstoppable

    After watching Tron Legacy, a movie of pure fantasy, watching a “Inspired by true events” movie was the exact opposite. Unstoppable is about a runaway train and is based on the CSX 8888 incident, obviously spiced up for dramatic effect. In the movie, veteran Barnes (Denzil Washington) and Colson (Chris Pine) check into a regular day at work operating the 1206. As they start to understand each other, they are take on the challenge of stopping the AWVR owned runaway 777 after attempts to stop it fail. While Unstoppable has been “overly dramatised” than the original incident, the movie does justice to a great extent. It attempts to follow the…

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    Movie Review: Tron Legacy

    Once again, my movie loving self bore the sub-zero cold and trudged in 2 inch thick snow to get my first back to back movie viewing in London. The first on the list was Tron Legacy. 20 years back Kevin Flynn disappeared. Haunted by his fathers disappearance, Sam Flynn is unable to resist a signal from his father’s Arcade. When he does reach the Arcade he gets drawn into the Grid, a virtual world created by Kevin. Faced by fierce programs (led by an evil powerful creation) who will stop at nothing to kill them, father and son begin their quest to return to the real world. Source: IMP Awards…

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    Movie Review: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

    I set out in sub-zero temperature to watch the third movie in the Narnia series. Having watched the first two (read review of Prince Caspian), my movie hungry soul had to watch this one. Lucy and Edmund return to Narnia with their cousin Eustace where they meet up with Prince Caspian on the Dawn Treader. While Lucy and Edmund initially wonder why they have been summoned to Narnia yet again, we have Eustace yelling his heart out for being kidnapped. It isn’t long before they realise that they are on yet another adventure, across the high seas. Picture source: MoviePosterDB.com Presented in 3D, the Voyage of the Dawn Treader is…

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    The movie birthday update

    Last week I posted the list of movies that I plan on watching over the next 3 months. Am pleased that over the last two weekends (and this one is not over yet), I have managed to catch four movies: The Last Airbender The Sorcerer’s Apprentice The Expendables Salt And, here is the updated list of movies to watch: Toy Story 3 Shrek Forever After Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Piranha 3D Diary of a Wimpy Kid Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I Grown Ups Going the Distance The Girl Who Played with Fire The Switch I plan on watching either Piranha or Scott Pilgrim tomorrow. So, let’s…

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    Movie Review: Sherlock Holmes

    While I can definitely not claim to be an expert on Mr. Sherlock Holmes, but, I do run one of the oldest sites dedicated to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I went in to watch the movie today knowing very well that it had nothing to do with the brilliant detective created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I came away from the movie with mixed feelings. The movie begins with Sherlock Holmes and Watson catching the dreaded serial killer and sorcerer Blackwood. However, Blackwood returns from beyond the grave to strike fear in the hearts of the people of London with one aim: to take over the world. And, of course…

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    Movie Review: Avatar

    Movie tickets: 310 rupees Travel cost: 60 rupees Renting 3D goggles: 200 rupees 162 minutes of pure fun: priceless We’ve been waiting for Avatar ever since I saw its trailer a little over a month back. So, when it released, I decided to watch the movie and booked my tickets well in advance! When Corporal Jake Sully’s brother is killed in war, Jake takes his place on Pandora. For Jake, who is crippled, this is a chance for a new life. On Pandora, Jake’s mind is linked with a human-Na’vi hybrid. As the hybrid, Jake is free to wander the new planet. As far as the story goes, Jake gets…

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    Movie Review: Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

    Do you consider yourself God’s gift to women? That is exactly what Connor Mead (Matthew McConaughey), a highly successful photographer thought. Well he definitely wasn’t wrong about that considering his amazingly huge number of women he “dated” and dumped. But, what if they come back and haunt you? What if… On the eve of his brother’s wedding, three of his girlfriends come back to haunt him, as does his favorite uncle Wayne (Michael Douglas). They take him through his past, his present and his future and he can view this in a totally different perspective. The movie is rather standard. The story line isn’t spectacular and the acting is decent.…

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    Movie Review: G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

    Long long ago, a young man Klan McCullan was accused of selling weaponry to both the Scots and the French. Sentenced to a lifetime of the iron mask, Klan swears that his children will take on the world. Fast forward into the not so distant future and his descendent James runs one of the largest weapons manufacturing corporations in the world. James’ company has sold four highly powerful nanotechnology based weapons to the NATO and the rest of the movie revolves around these four weapons. The rest of the movie is the attempt of the Baroness (Sienna Miller) and her team trying to steal and take control of the weapons.…

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