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    Spyware, Trojans and Virii : A threat to security and privacy

    Came across this which got me thinking. I know how irritating it can be to be infected by either a virus, trojan or spyware. I remember a time several years back when I was less computer literate than I am today and didn’t really bother much about security and privacy online. I remember downloading software from the internet without even checking to see if they were spyware infected or not. Must say I was always away from virii, except one instance, but was saved when ZoneAlarm popped up a warning about a program in the Recycle Bin trying to access the net! However, as I became more aware, I realized…

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    Spam Arrest – Take control of your INBOX now!

    Note: This is NOT a paid review. However, links in this post are affiliate links. Are you afraid to login to you email account because of the dreaded amount of spam you see? Are you fed up of receiving tonnes of email informing you of a product you will never buy, a service you will never use. What about the whole truckload of junk selling you drugs to improve your masculinity? Not to mention those that implore you play some online games? Spending more time deleting emails than actually reading some? Well, simply put you are just fed up of the junk you receive and are looking for some way…

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    Bob’s Banter

    URL: http://www.bobsbanter.com/ What is Bob’s Banter Bob’s Banter is a column published everyday in 30 newspapers across India! Also in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and as a weekly column in London! It has thousands of readers in the United States of America! Six Million people read Bob

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