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    Thinking of redesign. Suggestions?

    This site has retained this template for a long long time now. Well, it’s time for a change and I’m keen to do so asap. And, who best to ask that all my loyal readers. So, what would you like to see. What color combination would you prefer? A dark font on light background or a light font on dark background? What about colors? Greys, blues, greens or…? Do you have any themes in mind that I may use as a base? What features would you like to see on this blog? Am open to all kinds of suggestions. So please keep them coming. I hope to get the changes…

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    Suggestion for ISentThis.com

    A few years back I registered www.isenthis.com with the intention of creating a greetings site. Well, since the past few years it has existed as that. It’s time for an update and I’m looking for any kind of suggestions about what I should do with that domain. I’m open to all kinds of suggestions. This should be something that I can work on myself with my limited programing knowledge 😉 So, what do you think?

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    New Support Forum

    I recently moved all my sites onto my VPS and noticed that the Support Forum broke. Repeated attempts to fix the same were useless. So, instead of reinstalling SMF, I decided to give a shot to bbPress. For those who are not aware, bbPress is forum software from the creators of WordPress. bbPress includes complete support for integration into WordPress. However, I haven’t utilized that feature since I don’t have registrations on this blog. bbPress allows you to create new themes (something that I may work on in the future) as well as extend its functionality with plugins. I’ve installed a few that I thought were essential. I’ve created two…

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    We’ve Moved. Update your Feed Reader now!

    In order to tap the potential for Google Adsense for Feeds, I decided to move to Google’s feedproxy service. As a result, our feed url has changed. The old feed url has been deleted and is currently being redirected. If you are subscribed to my FeedBurner feed, then please update your feed reader. The URL to subscribe to is https://ajaydsouza.com/feed/. Subscribing to this URL will ensure that any updates at our end will not affect you. If you prefer to receive feed updates via email then please use the following form:

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    VPS Moved

    I’ve been plagued with comment posting problems for a long long time now. Infact it wasn’t just this domain, but all domains on my VPS. It wasn’t just comment posting but posting about any form. It didn’t throw up any errors, though users would get blank pages in firefox, or the Zero Sized Reply error. Well I tried a lot of things, including upgrading to PHP 5.2.1, disabling eAccelerator, Zend Optimizer etc. but the stupid problem just wouldn’t go away. At the height of my frustration I asked my host FutureHosting to move to a new freshly installed VPS, which is what we did whole of last night. I ordered…

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    Upgraded to PHP 5.2.1

    I upgraded PHP on my VPS to 5.2.1. Had to patch the cache.php file as it throws up errors. I hope that the upgrade to 5.2.1 solves the commenting problems that people are facing. If you do notice anything out of place on the blog, please do drop in a comment / email. Thanks.

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    Comment Posting Problems

    I’ve noticed and so have others about a problem while posting comments on this blog. IE throws up a Page Cannot Displayed error and Firefox asks you to download the PHP file. I’m still clueless as to what could be the exact problem with this and so I’ve decided to test Akismet instead of SK2 for a while in the process of isolating and eliminating the error. I don’t believe this problem to be because of PHP, because I can make posts perfectly with a lot more data than the comments. My next step after this is to deactivate the Math Plugin to see if that could a cause. I…

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    Planet Ajay served Piping Hot!

    About a week back I created a new feed that collates five of my feeds. This was done with the help of FeedBlendr. It is a good service, but there is a lot of room for improvement. The feed work but it seemed to give a problem with Feedburner. I decided to give Yahoo! Pipes a shot as I originally intended to. The interface is easy to use but it doesn’t look at all welcoming. I haven’t let a single interface to this date benumb and I don’t intend to let Yahoo! Pipes be the first! Got down to understanding how Yahoo! Pipes actually works and I was shocked to…

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    New Feed; No more MBL Recent Visitors

    I’ve been pondering about a way to offer a single feed that will take into account all the different feeds that I publish. Planet Ajay I’ve been searching for services that offer this but will confess I’ve been largely unsuccessful. I ran across Feedblendr which aims at establishing just that. I’ve combined the following feeds: Main Blog Feed Comments Feed Podcast Ajay on WordPress Support Forum The new feed is served by Feedburner as usual and I’ve chosen to call it Planet Ajay. It’s also set to auto-discovery, so you’re browser or feed reader can pick it up. Planet Ajay is perfect for readers who are subscribed to all my…

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    Why You should Comment on my Blog

    Inspite of the fact that my comment policy (has anyone read these?) is a little “strict”, I’ve been very liberal about comments and trackbacks on this blog. My comments have finally risen and I’ve always believed to make it worth the while for you to comment out here. I’ve had the DoFollow plugin for a long long time already. DoFollow removes the nofollow that WordPress adds automatically. This means that now when you leave a URL with your comment, you will receive a clean link back to your site. Google will follow this and ensure you are benefited by the pagerank of the post and site. I have also recently…

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