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    Things I have Changed Here

    The past two months has seen a lot of changes to this blog. For one, I’ve changed the look yet again and have also added and removed a few other features. Cosmetic Changes I got rid of the header. With the new theme, the header looked totally out of place and occupied a good amount of surface area. The cosmetic changes have also worked well for adsense, which has doubled, but again not as much as what most others are making! However, for those interested in advertising on this blog, you’ll now have you ads well above the fold! New Comment Feed I’ve been asked by many to include a…

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    Have you taken the Poll

    Honestly, I am a little disappointed. I’ve been running the poll for five days now, and I’ve received only 25 votes. I thought polls were something that people loved and I did ask a relevant question. Anyway, I’m going to try my luck again and implore my 250+ readers plus the thousand or so who wander along here to take the poll below. It asks a simple question, which is your reason for having visited the blog. Take Our Poll from PollDaddy.com The idea behind this poll is to help generate content that you would like to read. I want you to read and join the participation and what better…

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    My Visitors are from USA

    Ok, not all of them, but a great chunk of them are. Alexa recently updated their Traffic Stats page to include country information as well as reach. Though I am an Indian Blogger, this blog has nearly 40% of its visitors coming from the USA. My server logs show me around 50%. I am surprised though that the number of visitors in India are only 5% and are fourth in the list of countries. Guess very few of my own country members want to read this blog! What did surprise me is the Traffic Rank which seems to be highest in Belgium at 14,000! India follows with around 16,000 which…

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    Why are you here?

    Copyblogger has an interesting article on improving blog stickiness. Of the four points listed the point that topped the list was “Ask”, which is something I believe in. While this blog focuses on my life in general, it wouldn’t be successful without YOU. And what better way to ask than via polls. I’ve signed up with PollDaddy.com to bring you weekly or forthnightly polls so that I can gather more information about who you are and why you are here. The polls are ofcourse optional, but it will help me serve you better. The Poll for this week asks the question in the headline… Why are you here? Take Our…

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    Site Movement…

    Have you ever moved a site from one host to another? While moving a small site can be a piece of cake, a large distributed site can be a pain in the *beep*! Now multiply that by a factor of ten and you will know what I have gone through in the past 24 hours. This was also one of the reasons I kept putting it off, but when a site’s gotta move, a site’s gotta move! I won’t go into the details about which sites I moved, but the reason that I faced so much problem was because seven of the sites were all present under one account. All…

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    Testing Comment Guard

    I’ve started testing Comment Guard which is a new plugin by Angsuman. This is a revolutionary plugin that requires no user intervention and can protect your blog Robotic spam and Human Spam. If you face any problems when commenting, please send me an email with the error message. Emails come through and I check my email regularly. I’ll be running this for a few days if there are no problems, before I switch back to my regular anti-spam plugins.

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    Site down 24 hours; Still debugging

    I just got back from Pune (story in a seperate post) to find that my VPS has been disabled for CPU usage crossing 80%. I’ve figured that this has to be a problem with this domain itself which resulted in this crazy usage. Unfortunately, being in Pune I didn’t even know that the account was disabled. The VPS is running and I’m currently working on figuring out what exactly caused this major problem The two culprits I suspect is Angsuman’s Translator Plugin Pro (which I installed last week) and UTW (which I patched sometime back). I’ve disabled the former now and will monitor this usage over the next 24 hours…

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    Nominate my sites for Indibloggies

    Some of you may be aware that the Indibloggies awards are accepting Nominations. I have put both Ajay – On the Road called Life and Techtites up for nomination. Nominating the blog is simple. It would be great if you can nominate my sites as well. All you need to do is add the blogs to del.icio.us with a set of tags. The links below will assist you in this. Please use the Required Tags so that the nomination is recognized. Nominate Ajay – On the Road called Life Required Tags: ib06 ib06BestIndiblog ib06SciTech ib06Design Nominate Techtites Required Tags: ib06 ib06SciTech ib06Tagline ib06New ib06BestIndiblog Feel free to add you’re own…

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    Problem with Feedburner Feeds

    There seems to be a problem with Feedburner on this site. All my feeds are throwing up a 500 error. I’ve written to their support team and am expecting a reply. I’ve removed the redirect from the .htaccess and it hasn’t solved the problem as well. So, if you are subscribed to https://ajaydsouza.com/feed/ then you should continue to see this site normally. If you are subscribed via the direct feedburner link, I request you to change the same to https://ajaydsouza.com/feed/. Once, things are resolved with Feedburner, I will put back the redirect. Update: Seems to have resolved itself. I’ve put the updates back. Do let me know if you face…

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    Google doesn’t like this blog!

    A PR update was in the works and I guess it has happened. And unfortunately it seems like this blog PR has dropped and dropped straight down to zero from a PR of 5. I’m totally clueless how this has happened and am hoping this is only a transition. Or will I have to wait for another three months? Anybody have a clue on what I should be doing to get this straightened out? Update: Seems like this is considered to be normal. Atleast according to reports from Blog Herald and zz Online Marketing. Update 2: Matt Cutts confirms.

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