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    1000 for Open Picture Window; 20,000 in all.

    My plugin Open Picture Window just crossed 1000 downloads. I also crossed 20000 downloads on this site. Of these more than 25% are due to my theme while 15% of these have been due to the Snap Preview Anywhere Plugin. Thanks for all the users who have been downloading and using the themes and plugins so actively. And thanks to all the users who have donated. And those who would like to, the sidebar is the best place to look at just now 😉

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    My site’s interesting, notable and funky!

    The Snap Blog today listed a selection of 100 sites using Snap Preview AnywhereTM and am pleased to say that this blog has found a place in that list. In the top 100 out of 29k+ sites is definitely great 🙂 And if you are running WordPress check out the Snap Preview Anywhere Plugin.

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    New Year, New Look

    Had been meaning to change the entire look for this blog on the January 1st, but well, better late than never! I’ve changed the template of this blog with a new look from scratch. The old template has been there for well over a year (with modifications), and a change was needed. I have still retained some portion of the sidebar look as it goes well even with the new theme. I have disabled a good number of plugins, going with my idea of keeping plugins to the minimum. All posts now include Tabber which was pointed out to me by Everton. You can now view the related posts, search…

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    Accepted by Chitika

    After a long time I have been accepted into the Chitika eMiniMalls program and as a result you would have seen the advertisement at the start of posts on the blog (look above). I’m still figuring out the best place to put this so give me sometime. There is a lot of optimization too that needs to be done to get the best out of this program. Will get down to reading about it soon. If you are running a website with atleast 10,000 pageviews a month then you too can join the program.

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    A Christmassy Look

    Christmas is just around the corner and it was time for a new look for the rest of this month. Have been working with Melody (who can be a big taskmaster) for a new look for both our blogs. The old header needed to go, and after a good deal of searching I finalized on an image by Brian Pane, which ran with the theme of my blog as well as fit into Christmas. Hit Ctrl+F5 to see the new look. Do you like it? Hate it? Tell me about it.

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    Peter’s Custom Anti-Spam Image Plugin for WordPress

    Following Thilak’s results, I installed Peter’s Custom Anti-Spam Image Plugin for WordPress to test. I’m much against the idea of using Captcha for my blog, because of the problems with accessibility. However, of late I have been getting a lot of spam. Even though Bad Behavior has blocked 10000+ access attempts in the last seven days, a good portion of spam has been getting through. This has been caughty by Spam Karma 2 successfully. However, they are still getting through and still consuming bandwidth. Hence, I felt the need of installing Peter’s plugin. Thilak has found the amount of spam being blocked reducing from 1000 to around 5 a day.…

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    I’m in shock! No. 1 on Sitescore!

    Seems like I seem to be boasting about my blog the past few days. Well, I have reason to 🙂 I wrote about being No. 2 on Sitescore about two weeks back. Since then I hovered around 2-4. Today I was genuinely shocked and extremely delighted to see ajaydsouza.com at No. 1! As usual, saved a screenshot for myself. I’m followed in the number 2 spot by Andreas, who without doubt has an excellent website. What is your score? Calculate and let me know.

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    16,752 – That is what I rank today!

    Since the release of my two plugins in the past two days, my site has seen a good traffic surge. Unforunately, neither of these have been dugg or redditted so far so it’s not that much. It was sufficient to get me a great rank on Alexa for today, viz. 16,752. This is the second highest rank ever (I had 13,000 once before). So would you like to advertise here?

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    Downloads should be working now

    My download counter broke today. The counter uses a flat file to store the clicks and links. With the high volume of downloads that I received today the file got corrupted and as a result the downloads gave an ID error. I’ve restored a backup, which means unfortunately I lost a lot of counts 🙁 Anyway, it should be functional now. I plan on shifting to a counter that uses mySQL database or alternatively just write a plugin for the same. Don’t know the time frame. Need to brush up my PHP skills first 😉

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