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    Now on planet WordPress

    The feed from the WordPress category of this blog, titled Ajay On WordPress has now been added to planet WordPress This category has already been devoted to all posts related to WordPress and now I have decided to make a devoted feed for it. You can also subscribe to the feed directly from my subscribe page.

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    My Mail is now hosted with Google

    After having thought about it a while I’ve decided to use Google Apps for Your Domain for AjayDSouza.com. I have already been using Google Apps to manage WebberZone email for a while now, and now AjayDSouza.com 🙂 What this means is now I have a 2Gb Email account, which has all the features of Gmail (which IMO is second only to Yahoo! Mail). This is very useful because I can take a considerable load of my VPS. I have also found that Gmail’s anti-spam tools are a lot better than SpamAssassin. I also have complete POP and SMTP access if I need to download any email. I can also use…

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    AjayDSouza.org Hacked!

    My Support forum was just hacked by SeaNPauL of RootingAttack.Net The forum is powered by SMF 1.1RC3. The Settings.php had write permissions and the contents of this file were modified. I’ve replaced the file with my backup and have removed write permissions from each and every file. I don’t think any data has been lost. Also removed write permissions from files in all my websites. I’m really shocked to see this hack. Does this mean that any file with write permissions is vulnerable? Or is it only SMF? This is the first time I’ve been hacked. Has been a learning experience, though I really need to learn a lot more…

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    Are you having troubles commenting?

    I’ve been receiving a few reports lately about users having problem while writing comments on this blog. These problems have been of two kind. First being your comments landing in the spam bin. I am not sure why this has been happening. Also, it has been rare. I’ve been going through the Spam comments anyway to check if any genuine comment has landed in there. In case your comment does land up in the spam bin please do write to me and inform me of the same. The second problem has been a “zero data received” or a “cannot find server” or similar error whenever you try to submit a…

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    Belated Blog Birthday to Me

    I have an habit of forgetting birthdays and events and so this should come as no surprise that I forgot my third blog birthday on October 1 #-o And let me take the opportunity to thank all my readers! The blog today wouldn’t have been so successful if not for you folks 🙂 So give yourself a pat on your back…

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    Moved to the VPS

    After a good deal of waiting and testing I have moved this blog to my new VPS. If you notice anything awry please do bring it to my attention. You should see much better performance now (hopefully). Going to monitor the blog and the VPS closing for a few weeks. Are you looking for hosting? I have plenty of space on this VPS and some decent plans available at attractive prices. Do let me know if you are interested. You must have a current site which you intend to move here.

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