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    Exatt and Digg

    It was waiting to happen and it has. Regular readers would have read a few rants about my internet connection. I have a “broadband” connection with Exatt. It works using PPPOE and am assigned a dynamic IP everytime I login. That is fine, but of late I have been noticing that the IP Addresses are all blacklisted in Spam Databases! The first time I noticed it was with the latest version of Bad Behavior, when I got blocked out of my own blog. Had to downgrade. And, today I noticed it with Digg. A spam database lookup for my IP at DNS Stuff finds it in a good number of…

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    AntiLeech – Protect your blog from sploggers

    I have faced a good deal of problem with sploggers. While I had one who just stole every post of mine, another kept picking up all my posts because it had the content “copyright”! And that is because my feeds include a copyright notice. Owen has released a new plugin title AntiLeech which helps fight sploggers. AntiLeech does not prevent the splogger bots from accessing your site. It produces a fake set of content especially for them that includes links back to your site (and mine, too, ok?) and sends it only to them. When they steal this content, it appears online just like normal, except now you’ve turned the…

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    Scam Mail from a Dubai(?) Scamster

    I have seen a lot of emails from African scamsters and most of these usually land up in my Bulk box. Today, my dad today received a similar scam email. However, what was surprising was the nature of it’s customization. Firstly, the subject of the email addressed my dad by his first name. Secondly, my Dad is in the Gulf and the “merchant” also happens to be from there (or so he claims). Mere coincidence? Thirdly, my Dad is also very active religiously, and the person in the email is rather repents. However, the contents of the email remain similar to most scams. Person being diagosed with cancer, has a…

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    Sussing spammers from raw logs

    While I do have Bad Behavior and Spam Karma 2 running, I have always wondered on how to track down and stop spammers. I asked Spamhuntress on how she finds spammers by going through her site logs and she was kind enough to write a detailed article on how to. I too admit the entire procedure is quite complex, but I am going to give it a good shot.

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    A Comprehensive Guide to Protecting Your Blog from Spam

    Blog spam is something that every blogger fears. Spam appears in different forms. It can vary from trackback or pingback spam, comment spam, deliberate harsh comments to email harvesting and spam resulting from it. Spam cannot be stopped. But by following a few good steps you can protect yourself from it. This tutorial will teach you how to protect your WordPress blog from spam.

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    Comment spam and trackback spam

    Have been getting a lot comment and trackback spam both on this blog as well as the blog of my friend Melody. My blog is powered by WordPress, but I have b2evolution running for her. Have added a lot of spam words to her block list of b2evo and it seems to have currently stopped. I guess b2evo has much better spam handling capacities than WP, especially since it has Central Blacklist. For WP 1.2.2, I have a lot of plugins and hacks enabled. For one I use the Comment Preview hack for comments which blocked my comment spam. However, that’s when I started getting hit by Trackback Spam. Even…

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