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    AjayDSouza.com Support Forums

    I had already posted about the launch of the support forums. I have gone ahead and dedicated an entire domain to them instead of the subdomain. You can access the support forums at http://www.ajaydsouza.org/ Let me iterate that support queries will only be answered in the Support Forums. I will not answer any support queries in comments or email. Additionally, I have chosen to restrict these queries only to my designs. I will not answer third party queries unless they have some relation to my work. They are only time consuming and since I’m working for free (haven’t got many donations coming in) I deserve the right to restrict my…

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    Connections Reloaded 1.2.2 released

    Connections Reloaded 1.2.2 is now out. It comes with a few fixes and changes as follows: Fixed a bug that caused comments on password protected posts to remain hidden even after entering the password. File modified: comments.php Replaced Google Reader with Add to Google button under Subscriptions. File Modified: sidebar.php Removed code of a plugin from index.php. It wouldn’t cause your site to break, but it wasn’t required. Removed all target="_blank" attributes from the code files. Footer text modified. File Modified: footer.php Removed Firefox button from the sidebar. If you like the theme and are using it, please donate something for my work. The amount is blank so feel free…

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    Connections Reloaded Feed

    Have gone ahead and created a feed exclusively for Connections Reloaded. The feed is powered by Feedburner. Here is complete list of 1-click subscription buttons. What does this feed do? This is a feed of all posts on this blog related to Connections Reloaded. So if you want exclusive information about Connections Reloaded and not the rest of this site, then this is a great option for you. Can I receive an email of your feed? Yes you can! Enter your email address here to signup. I highly recommend that you subscribe to one of these feeds if you are using my theme to ensure that you stay in touch…

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    Connections Reloaded 2.0 Roadmap

    Have been meaning to post a roadmap for Connections Reloaded 2.0 for a while so here it is: For those unaware, Connections Reloaded is my theme for WordPress 1.5.x onwards. Connections Reloaded has come a long way from when I decided to shift from Spirit to Connections and I found Connections fabulous looking but wanting with respect to functionality. Then came a slow but steady learning of how to design WordPress themes. I released Connections Reloaded on 16 June 2005 and it has crossed 1000 downloads (tracked from 4th July 2005). It currently stands on v1.2.1.

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    Connections Reloaded crosses 1000 downloads!

    Am totally thrilled and happy to say that my theme Connections Reloaded has crossed 1000 downloads since 4th July 2005 (from when I actually started tracking downloads). This is excluding those during the period from June 16 to July 3 as well as those from other sites like WordPress Themes Viewer. Thanks to all those who contributed in making this theme a success in such a short duration. And thanks to all of you have downloaded and powered your WordPress blogs with my theme. Stay tuned as I have a few plans in the new version of Connections Reloaded. Keep your suggestions and comments coming and donations (for those who…

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    Connections Reloaded 1.2.1 released

    Just released v1.2.1 of my theme Connections Reloaded. Just a few minor changes Added a button for Google Reader (thanks to Lorelle) Fixed a validation problem. Theme is once again valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional The zip file also includes screenshot.png. This is a screenshot of the theme and will be displayed in the Presentation section of WordPress v1.6 Minor CSS improvements If you like the theme and are using it, please donate something for my work. The amount is blank so feel free to fill in whatever amount you wish to donate. Thanks 🙂

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    HOWTO: Integrating FAlbum with Connections Reloaded

    Good news for those who use Falbum for displaying your Flickr Photos on your WordPress Blog and who use Connections Reloaded to power it. Download falbum-wp.zip and upload falbum-wp.php included in it to the folder you have Connections Reloaded installed, usually /wp-content/olduploads/themes/connections-reloaded/ I don’t run FAlbum myself for now. But I have plans for a demo blog which I shall install soon. Will have a live demo then. The file uses code based on this post in Falbum forums. Download: falbum-wp.zip And for those who would like do, please do contribute a small amount for my development. The amount is blank, so you can fill in whatever amount you choose.

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    Connections Reloaded 1.2 released

    Just released v1.2 of my theme Connections Reloaded. 1.2 comes as a major update with a lot of additions as follows: I have added Links and Pages to the sidebar. Links displays only on the homepage while Pages displays all throughout. Currently only top level pages are displayed. You will need to edit the sidebar.php to display daughter level. Version info is not added to the footer. Easy for keeping track. Display of nested categories in the sidebar has been fixed Have added buttons under subscription for Feedster, Spurl, Furl, Newsburst, Rojo and Pluck. If anyone knows the button for adding to Google Reader, please let me know. All images…

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