Choir and Cakes

One of the “benefits” of being in my choir is the regular treats that we get. This time it was cause of Sharon‘s birthday which was on Sunday. She fed us wafers, cake, samosas and cold drinks on Tuesday. I skipped dinner 😉

We had practice on both Monday and Tuesday in preparation for Good Friday. Our line up is good (as usual). There are a few of our legacy hymns as well as some new ones so practice is needed.

This is going to be my last Holy Week in Mumbai, atleast for the next two years so I’m going all goes well.

I also joined the the SCMHRD community at Orkut, so spend a good amount of my time in the forum there. It’s good to get to know some of my future classmates.

And, my laptop arrived today! Atleast the box did. Hopefully, the engineer drops in tomorrow so I can start playing with the baby.

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8 thoughts on “Choir and Cakes”

  1. @Benedict and Mr Byte, no I don’t need an engineer to setup a laptop for me. But, as per the warranty terms etc, it is a procedure to follow.

    @MAD, can’t think of any such sentence…

  2. hey congrats on getting the \”BABY\” 😉
    so jamming with ur SCMHRD classmates..!! kewl!! what happened to xim?? ney updates?

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