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Choir and Interviews

Finally got down to studying at full shot. Have completed the entire Maths portion. Computers is easy so what remains of that will be last.

Went for choir practice yesterday after quite sometime. Picnic plans are being made for June 3, but by then I will be in Pune.

Received the email today with detailed reporting structure. I’m planning on reporting on 1st June. I hope I don’t have to do 31st May.

As part of the Foundation Course, I need to interview a CxO and an entrepreneur. I completed the entrepreneur interview on Friday itself. Had forgotten to blog about it.

Went today for the CxO interview. Had to travel to town and so set off around 10.30am for that. Landed up at the station in time, but spent 20 minutes standing in line to buy a ticket from a pathetically slow ticket counter. They’ve introduced computers to speed up things, but so far it has just been a major bottleneck.

Took a super-slow fast train to Churchgate and found the place easily. Finished the interview, picked up some coffee at Churchgate station to fill the empty station and caught a train back to Andheri. Found a bus standing outside so was home before 3pm itself.

Ordered pizzas from Pizza Way which has a 3pm to 6pm offer and has really economical and decent pizzas.

Have also got my brother to start teaching me basics of Accounts which I shall need for SCMHRD.

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