Contextual Related Posts v3 released

I released Contextual Related Posts v3 earlier this week. This is a major version with several new features added, lots of bugs fixed and significant code cleanups.

The biggest change, by far, is the brand new CRP_Query which brings the power and flexibility of WP_Query to this already powerful related posts plugin.

I’ve also added additional styles which are more responsive to mobile browsers including a Grid style, Pinterest style and another two using CSS Grid. I strongly recommend switching to one of these if you have a huge number of mobile users.

Pinterest-style in Contextual Related Posts v3.0.0

Another important change is enhancements to the inbuilt caching. Contextual Related Posts massively speeds up load times with a very aggressive caching mechanism. This version brings an automatic expiry to the caching mechanism as well.

Read the full release post on WebberZone

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