Counter Struck!

Went to St. Francis Institute of Technology for their festival Iris’04.

After having practised Counter-Strike for many days we went for the competition out there. What was originally supposed to be a 12 round event turned out to be a 4 round event on two maps. Before you can settle in, you switch sides and play another round!
Add to that it was CS 1.6 and on maps we never play!

Goes without saying we lost miserably! A total waste of time and money 😐

Did make up the time travelling there to play Quake and Need for Speed 5, which was fun though I lost. After all no practise!

Got back home and went to Zero Gravity where we had one hour of CS, which I enjoyed, before going off to Melody’s place to meet her ex-webdesign guy, who didnt turn up. So we went for a half mass and came back home 🙁

Just one word describes today. Tiring!

This Post has nothing to do with the live-action movie Counter Struck.

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