Days in a Nutshell

Monday 19, 2004
Began the day with my Industrial Automation submissions and was able to finish in time and what worked out even better was that I got an A+:O Unexpected, but way too cool:O

Next went to Melody‘s place immediately after college to help her and to get helped 🙂
Returned back home a bit late.

While I was there Abhimanyu called with news that our DSP submission will be the next day and ESD submission on Wednesday, followed by vivas on Thursday:shock:

Tuesday 20, 2004
Reached college early to find out that we will have our Robotics vivas on Friday and I hadn’t even begun my journal:shock:
Few of us enterprising youngsters approached our prof to get the Robo vivas postponed but he wouldnt budge. So we went off to our ESD internal, who got the vivas postponed from Thursday to next Tuesday 27th.
The rest of the day was spent in taking out lots of printouts for DSP and Robotics 🙁

Wednesday 21, 2004
Just returned back home and got online. Had a tiring day taking out the remaining printouts and completing my ESD journal. Got it checked and got only an A grade. Was hoping for more 🙁

Sat in college to study for the Robotics vivas.
Around 9 went to Arfa in Amboli with Madhukar, Vijay and Manoj for a great filling dinner 😀

Tomorrow is one more day for Robo studing before vivas. Have to finish a lot. Help!!!

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