Defragmenting Sunday

As is normal of my internet connection, early Sunday morning the net went down. Decided to grab the opportunity to do what is much needed for computer health but I have neglected for a long time viz. defragmenting my harddrives.

Got down to doing that yesterday. Used SpeeDefrag to perform the defragmentation.

It’s taken me more than 24 hours to format two 120Gb partitions and two 30Gb partitions!

Need to ensure I defragment more often 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Defragmenting Sunday”

  1. How did it go? Do you like it?
    There’s another great tool that you must have.
    TuneXp from
    It defragments the boot files,it does the whole defrag. thing and also Ultra fast booting – arranges the boot files.

    I love this one.

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