Do you Twitter?

I signed up for Twitter a month back, but haven’t bothered to keep in touch with the program. Rishi told me today that he’s tracking my updates via Twitter, so am throwing up this question to all my readers if you Twitter.

If you do, how do you update your status?

Would you track my updates?

You can add me at
Or simply send FOLLOW AJAYDSOUZA to [email protected] from your GTalk ID.

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  1. well like i said earlier ‘Nice to Meet another D’souza’.
    well u can twitter from ur Cell ,Gtalk or from the Web page..
    use Gprs to twitter..its Lot Cheaper…

  2. Myself, I don’t Twitter. Or Jaiku. I guess it feels a little…unimportant, you know? I’ve got a smartphone with IM on it, as well as the \”normal\” phone calling features, so people can almost always get in touch with me anyhow. But it’s interesting. And no, I’m not a conspiracy theorist.

  3. I just started to twitter and am gathering friends, will definitely add you as one now :D.


  4. @Keith, I look forward to that.

    @Dean, I’ve kept the net of my phone, mainly coz of the higher cost of GPRS I have out here.

    @Douglas, Had come across it, did I put it on WLTC?

    @Binny and Kenneth, got you both on my list now.

  5. I find it pretty useless. I dont really care if someone I barely know is making a cup of tea or is going out to a party.

    But, its very popular, so I am probably in the minority.

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