Donation #9

Thanks to Lai Cheng Kiat for his donation of $1.23

This donation is not much but just to express my appreciation towards your contribution of making a good theme. Keep up yr good work. PurpleRain from Malaysia.

Hi PurpleRain, no donation is “not much” because it is great when someone appreciates your work 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Donation #9”

  1. Ya, actually the meaning behind the donation is much more bigger than the amount donated. Actually you are the first author I ever donated in my life!^_^

    I think many people do not respond to donation bcoz we are not educated to utilize “donation as a tool of appreciation”. We are brought up in the environment that “donation as a tool of helping poor people”. Since programmers’ social status is not considered to be “poor”, so in global culture we not yet build up the habit of donating to freeware author.

  2. Hi PurpleRain,

    Very true about the “donation as a tool of helping poor people”. That is one of the reasons I have changed the link text.

    Glad to know I am the first author you donated to.

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