Double Death

The last few days have been rather hectic. Really slogged quite a bit for my XAT paper that was yesterday. The only break I did take was to go for two wedding masses in church on Saturday.

Turned out that both the masses were inter-religious weddings; the first case the girl was non-Catholic, while it the second it was the boy.

One thing I observed and apprciated in both cases was the importance that both the weddings and especially the non-Catholic partners took towards the nuptials. In today’s world, I believe many of us Catholics give little importance to the nuptials, with only the reception being top priority. We forget that the most important part of the wedding is infact the nuptials and not the reception. Kudos to the few that remember.

I skipped our usual snack after the singing so that I could get home and hit the books. Didn’t want to exert myself too much after the paper.

St. Xaviers College
The XAT paper was different. I’ve given three mock-XAT exams before the main paper and the paper yesterday was totall different from them. For one there were five choices instead of four. English has lesser number of questions than Maths which seldom happens and these questions were also a lot tougher. Ohh… btw… my center happened to be the famous St. Xavier’s college. And I hated travelling all the way to town, especially by train. (Those who know me will be really surprised to read this!)

After looking back at my performance I believe I stand in a mid-way range. I really do hope I get some calls.

I dashed back to Andheri so that I could make it in time for the Mock-CET. I reached in time and gave that. I’m not too happy with the performance. I still suffer badly in speed and I really need to improve that before FMS on 21st.

Got the results for SNAP today with a measely 65.5/200. I was expecting a lot more. Chances of calls from SIBM or SCMHRD seem to have dwindled. Am in a really dicey situation right now. I really could do with lots of prayers.

I did have a good end to the evening when I met up with my college pals Nikhil, Vidyasagar and Paresh at the Barista in Lokhandwala. It’s been two and half years since I met any of them and we spent a good two hours chatting about our engineering college days and catching up on the last two and half years as well!

Time really flies and memories are still so fresh 🙂

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  1. Forgot to take pictures… as for the women, half are abroad, busy or getting married!

    Regarding the loo… what do you do when you need to go urgently?

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