Double Movie

Today was one fun filled day!

Went off to college to find that none of the lectures were happening. So, with Chaitali’s suggestion we (Chaitali, Snehal, Nikhil, Abhimanyu and me) decided to go watch Bharat Dabholkar’s “God Only Knows”.

I had been to a play by the same called “Oh No! Not again!” after my 12th as part of Agrawal’s Classes Prize Function and thoroughly enjoyed myself. “God Only Knows” was as good.

The movie begins with a very funny introduction, with a voice informing you that the movie is “trash”, but since they had our “cash”, we might as well sit for it. I wouldn’t have gotten up either ways.
The story continues and they introduce us to God Indra, who wishes to see what a mortal of the 21st century is really like. So Naradmuni and Yumraj bring up a politician to heaven. This leads to “all hell breaking lose in heaven”. The movie is filled with silly comments and jokes, which is characteristic of Bharat Dabholkar. It makes fun of Bollywood and also of politicians, with a good ending as well.
I would rate this movie a 7/10. Must see the movie for a laugh. However, I guess as a play it would have been a lot more fun.

Anyways, immediately after this I watched “Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World” at Fame itself. We reached a bit late for the movie however we didnt miss much. The movie lived up to what it promised, though it did get a bit slow at times.
Russell Crowe plays the Captain Jack Aubrey of a British frigate, HMS Spirit. The movie follows the quest of Jack’s to take over a much larger and stronger French vessel the Acheron. The movie costars Paul Bettany, who plays the role of the ships doctor Dr. Stephen Maturin, who is also a naturalist by hobby.
Rather than concentrating on the regular love scenes, the movie mainly revolves around how the men on the ship interact with each other. Periods of sadness, when men are lost and periods of happiness are sprinkled across the movie. The confrontations between best pals, the energy charged Russell and the more patient, cautious Paul add interesting moments to the film. Very enjoyable are two scenes, where the audience is entertained by Jack on his violin and Stephen on his cello.
You must go watch this movie to enjoy the fantastic acting of the many actors in the film as well as the naval battle sequences.
Overall 8/10. My favourite dialog is when Jack tells Stephen: “Name a shrub after me. Something prickly and hard to eradicate.”

I would have loved to go watch The Last Samurai, but dropped the idea as I would have had to go alone :(. Besides, I guess two movies for the day were enough:O

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