Expensive day!!

Today was a rather boring and expensive day.
Went to college to collect my DCOM notes from Abhimanyu and ended up studing for sometime.

Next, decided to go shopping. Needed to buy glares (thanks to Melody for correcting me here) to use while riding. I am a self-confessed horrible shopper. But, I still set off to Oscars at Irla and that was a big mistake. Should have gone to Lokhandwala.

Anyways, parked the Kinetic there and walked in to Oscars. Fifteen minutes later, I walk out with glares (nice set indeed :O) and bodyspray, to find my Kinetic missing. It didn’t take me long to figure out that it had been towed away (was worried about that anyways).

So we caught a rick to Andheri Flyover, where towed vehicles are taken to. Payed a fine of Rs. 150/-  :((, collected the Kinetic and went home.

Then drove off to practise using contact lens. I am getting good at it, as I succeeded the right eye in one try and the left eye in two  🙂

I shall be collecting my contact lens tommorrow. A new look to begin the soon coming New Year  😀

Will post an update on this tommorrow.

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