Few Questions and Answers

Foreword: If there is one thing I’ve learned in 28 years on this planet is that I really don’t know much but what I have learned is that amongst all the questions and answers in life, sometimes the simplest explanation tends to be the right one. I have prepared the following list of 10 questions that I am sure everyone has asked at one point or another in life with my honest opinions, not based on personal opinion but based on a real life viewpoint of the situation. Who knows, they may be wrong or right but this is what I believe to be true.

If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound?

No. What we know to be sound is a result of sound waves. These waves travel through air, bouncing off of particles until they reach a destination that can interpret them into sound. If there is nothing around to interpret them, the sound waves eventually just become so faint until they die out. Naturally however, logic would dictate that it would be unlikely that a tree would fall and not even a single animal or creature would be around but assuming that is the case, then no, if nothing is around to interpret the sound, then the falling tree doesn’t make a sound.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

That depends on what you believe in. If you believe that Darwinism is right, then the egg came first. The idea being that all creatures that exist today are the result from historic ancestors that evolved into what we know today. That being the case, something existed before the chicken, which laid an egg and voila, you had a new species which we call a chicken today. If however, you believe in religion, than whatever God you believe in placed that chicken on this earth and voila, the chicken came first.

Did the government know about 9/11?

Yes. For whatever the specific reason was, the governments a long time ago decided that there were certain things that people were not to be privy to. Call it public interest or a service to the people but that is what it is. It would be impossible to believe that certain parts of government didn’t know about September 11 and if not, that should be the biggest fear of all. Please keep in mind that in order to carry out such of an event, you attract attention and our government, love them or hate them, does keep tabs on those events. The question of course is, how much did they know and was there any involvement.

Will someone beat out Microsoft?

Yes. As of today, Microsoft has a market cap of $268 Billion. People tend to find it hard to believe that someone can get bigger. People tend to forget, there was a day before Microsoft existed and at that point, the front runner was never thought to have been beatable, but they clearly were. Microsoft made its success by not only making money but allowing others to do the same. The trick to making Microsoft-type money is to find a way to make it possible to have as many people on earth contribute to your wealth and by doing that, you contribute to their well being. In the next 25 to 50 years, someone will beat out Microsoft and they will be the one company people least expect because that’s who Microsoft was, a nobody who changed the way we compute.

Will someone ever offer a better search engine than Google?

Yes. Everything in terms of technology has a beginning and everything with a beginning has an end. Google came out with two individuals, taking on billion dollar companies. People find it hard to believe that but the reality is that with all their money and all their power and smarts, someone will come out with something new, whether it be in the next year or the next 5 years and compete with them and it will be someone who would rather make it happen than sell out to Google at any price. Just think of all the investment opportunities Google does get and passes on, one of them is gong to be the next Google. Keep in mind, when Google started, they had $1MM in debt and nothing to show for themselves but a great service, this was at a point where they took on a multi-billion dollar industry and where are they today?

Is there a God?

Yes. Over 98% of the world?s population believes in a “God” in one form or another. Although, when you think about it, that same number at one point believed the earth was flat. There is a God, it would be naive to believe that what we know as existence today just “happened” but whatever “God” really is, it’s nothing we know, understand or expect. A force created what we know to be existence and it would be foolish of us to believe that a force so grand and powerful would be something we can understand or comprehend.

Why does hate exist?

Fear. Trust and the need for human association is one of the most basic forms of human emotion that exist, however, most psychologists will tell you that the most powerful human emotion is fear. It’s the one that can kill you, consume you and even drive you crazy. Next time you wonder why someone hates someone else, just ask where the underlying fear is.

What is love?

It’s a human emotion that triggers the second largest number of endorphins in the human brain, right behind fear. Sometimes it’s triggered by circumstance, sometimes by lust and sometimes just by simple dumb luck. There is an old saying, a fish and a bird can fall in love but where would they make a home? Fact is, people interpret love in as many ways as people care to admit because it’s just that, an emotion that means something different to everyone it affects but that’s what it is, an emotional response to a situation based on circumstance which is often why people find themselves falling in and out of love, because the circumstance changes. If you are one of the fortunate few in life who manages to find love, someone that helps trigger those emotions, hold on to that as long as you can because of all the things one could ever hope for in life, it’s that someone like that exists for them.

Is there life on other planets?

Yes. Will we see it in our lifetime? Maybe, maybe not. Fact is, people often confuse human life with life and any concerns as to whether life does not exist is a matter of fear. After all, the possibility exists that whatever life is there, is it intelligent and more so, is it friendly? If it’s anything like earth is today, they would be faced with their own fears and their own concerns. If you have any doubts whether life exist on other planets, just drive out to the open country, away from all the lights, all the sky noise and look up, ask yourself, amongst those billions of stars up there, surrounded by any number of planets, is it really possible that not one of them has the potential to yield life in one form or another? If you want to know how many possibilities that is, just take this example, imagine every speck of sand on the planet earth and multiply that by every other speck of sand on earth, that’s the number of possibilities—still think we are it?

What’s the meaning of life?

Plain and simple, it’s what you make of it. Life today is a culmination of 10,000 years of civilized thought and the directions we go in are based on market rule. Whether it be the death penalty, abortion, war, freedom or anything good or bad, those things didn’t just happen. People tend to believe that one person can’t make a difference but they are confusing one person responsible for changing things on their own or setting the stage for a direction. If you have any doubts just think of Jesus, George Washington, Hitler and Napoleon, each one of them only one person and they themselves did not do everything to create the change, but they set the stage. So, good or evil, greatness or infamy, the life we have today is what we make of it. So don?t worry about the meaning, instead work on defining it yourself. J

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2 thoughts on “Few Questions and Answers”

  1. dude! sweet answers r they. some questions which have no proper explaination for whatever the reason. like is God really there? i believe in god, but if someone asks me ‘can you prove it?’ all i can say is we ourselves are the proof.

    nice answers there!

  2. I once read a smart paragraph by Berthold Brecht. it went something like this:

    The question is not whether God exists or not, but whether you would change your behaviour. If you would, then you know that you need a god.

    Ver smart, indeed.

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