Finally, the End!

Am free at last!

Gave the project vivas today, which marked the end of my engineering studies!

The Examiner was pretty much impressed (atleast that’s what I think), but our marks will actually determine this.

Visited the Sai Service showroom to pay off the remaining money for the bike accessories and then headed off home.

Went for choir practise in the evening. We are singing for tomorrow evening mass as well as mass on Sunday morning so needed the practise. I didn’t take the bike so walked home with James and Elton.

Paid a visit to Madam A‘s place as well as Melita‘s place to cancel out the movie plans. Though I guess I may actually end up going for it with others.

Reached home around 10.30 and I am dead tired. Got to scan some pics before I return the albums back to Abhimanyu tomorrow and drop off the kinetic at my mechanic for sale.

Good Night 🙄

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