Forum and Demo Blog Downtime

Update: I seem to be getting a open_basedir restriction in effect problem on the sites. The individual demoblogs seem to be working. The domains too don’t seem to be fully propagated.

Update 2: The problem has since been fixed. Apache sure can be funny at times!

I have been able to restore the Support Forum and my Demo Blogs after it being down for nearly five days.

The server it was hosted on went down suddenly and my former crappy host did absolutely nothing about it inspite of repeated reminders.

I only got a “We are looking into the problem” and after two additional reminders a “Sites are being restored from a backup” response from them.

The backup turned out to be more than a month old and as a result, all the posts and entries from both the forum and blogs have been lost. I made a mistake by not regularly backing up. Lesson learnt.

It doesn’t end there! Even though the server did come up, the sites are still not up. I was totally frustrated and did the next best thing of moving the sites to WebberZone Web Solutions.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Please feel free to repost any queries that you might have in the forum.

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  1. Aww…Shucks. That just sucks. I hate it when a web host just totally shirks their responsibilities. Thay have no idea how much it hurts.

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