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Fun at Police Chowki

Had to visit the Police station today for Passport Verification. It was a three step trip, where I first went to one, where my mom and bro’s papers had gone, but mine weren’t sent there. So we went to the main Police station at MIDC, where we were informed that we need to visit the Subhashnagar Police Chowki. Reached there to find the required person to be absent.

So I came back home and went later around 5pm to the station.

The person wasn’t there, but came there much later around 6 pm. It most cases the wait would be rather irritating, but I had a really enjoyable time listening to all the people who came with their complaints. Its really surprising how silly some complaints can be and how a policeman has to patient and listen to their varying stories.

I was there more than an hour and saw around 4 or 5 cases, varying from money lending to divorce.

It was also interesting to note that all the policemen I came across today, both havaldars and inspectors were very helpful, contrary to popular belief. Was it just me, or is our police force getting a face lift? Hope its the second!

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