Goa Travels: Day 2 – Museum Hunting

If there is one thing I hate doing, then it is walking. And more than hating walking, I hate walking around in the hot sun, which is pretty much what we did all over Panaji.

I began the day making frankfurters and eggs for breakfast. Could have done with some pepper and a fan as well, but well, breakfast wasn’t all that bad.

Frankfurters and Eggs for Breakfast

We set off around 10 towards Panjim or Panaji as it is called now. The plan was to meet Dora near Miramar. We caught the tempo (mini-bus) to Panaji directly and landed at their prass (depot) in an hours time.

We took another bus from there and landed at Miramar which was the last stop. We harrassed the conductor a good deal because we weren’t sure where we intended to reach. This portion seems to be a lot more developed, with good roads and beautiful houses.

Miramar also happens to have a clean beach where we until Dora joined us later.
The sea...

After spending sometime on the beach, we left it in search of the museum, which was the original reason we had come to Panaji. Along the way we passed by the LnT House in Miramar. For those who know, I was with LnT till August 2006, before quitting to pursue my MBA.

LnT House

Strangely, no one had heard of a museum in this area, so we finally headed back to Panaji in search of the museum. Out there, we came across several people guiding us in several directions, as well as the occasional a museum doesn’t exist message.

It was almost lunch time and we were highly irritated by the whole deal and so decided to just eat first and ask questions later!

Crispin was raving of a place he got a full fish platter for only Rs. 200/-. In Mumbai, you would pay anything between 450 to 750 for a platter in a decent restaurant.

Crispin took us to The Ritz … nah not really, it was the Ritz Classic where we were served this huge platter of fish. Also added a prawn curry and rice and all four of us were stuffed properly with minimum damage to our pockets!

Ritz Classic The Fish Platter

And on our way back, we indulged in some paan.

Me swallowing a paan

We renewed our search for the museum and the conflicting answers continued as well. It was nearing 3pm and we had walked for pretty much most of the day (read above how I feel about this!)

My frustration levels were reaching a peak and was really glad when everyone agreed to stop walking and just get back to Mapusa, which is exactly what we did.

Gadbad Icecream

Back at Mapusa, the trio introduced me to Gadbad Icecream. Gadbad Icecream is a mixture of several flavours of icecream along with jelly, fruits and nuts and a wafer biscuit. Will say that one such icecream is enough to fill an empty stomach and all this for just 25 bucks!

After the stopover, we headed back home. On the way we stopped by at Andrea‘s house, where I decided to check if I could get the Reliance Netconnect working. I did get signal, but it was too miserable to do any browsing.

Also had a glass of burnt feni. Burnt feni is made by setting the feni on fire. I was able to get a low quality photo of this, but you get to see the blue flame.

Burnt Feni

Dinner was quick and after a short rosary, we tucked ourselves into bed.

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  1. You should have asked at the Goa Tourism office in Panaji. It’s close to the Panaji Bridge end, about 20 minute walk from the bus stand where buses come from mapusa.

  2. Hmm…
    didnt Know that Gadbad had travelled all the Way to Goa..i Thought it was native to Only Mangalore..Where Ideals Make the the Patented Icecream..
    and its Also Rs.34 here now.

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