Goa Travels: Day 4 – Shopping and Walking

After a rested day at home, Friday was a tiring and leg breaking experience!

Friday is the big Mapusa bazaar, which means lots of things to shop and lots of crowds to shop with… I’m not a crowd person.

We walked through the bazaar and picked up loads of vegetables, some bread and then visited the fish market for some bangdas (mackerels) and prawns. Then went to pickup the things we needed to take home, which included cashews, booze and Goa Sausages.

While shopping, we made sure we kept consuming fluids; sugarcane juice, lime soda (got fleeced), lime juice and flavored milk. Needed this as it was horribly hot and we really sweated like pigs!

After a good few hours of shopping and several heavy bags later, the three of us caught a bus back to Cansa Board. We should have taken the rickshaw but tried to save a good deal of money. The consequence was increased biceps after lugging the heavy bags up the hill and down into the valley.

We had lunch and hoped to get some sleep which didn’t happen and then set out on our next adventure. This time we were joined by Ruth, Dora and Vally.

I didn’t know fully what I was getting into, but within the first half hour of it I realized. Well, we walked… yes … walked and walked and walked some more and when we were finally done walking, we walked some more!

Empty Road The cashew fruit

Walking was up a long uphill road, along which we found some cashew fruit, some other weird fruit (which meant more of eating unwashed fruits of a tree). We also stumbled on a Gold Mine, where they are mining and exporting gold ore for further processing. And after still more walking, we finally reached the place we setout to be, a small spring.

Gold Mine The Spring?

I was rather disappointed seeing the size of it, because it just wasn’t worth the walk. And, one thing about walking is that you have to walk back. So, we began the long journey back in the dark (the sun had almost set by then), with one stopover for water at a house.

We finally got back extremely exhausted, with my legs almost broken. Again, it was a quick dinner and sleep in preparation for yet another long day.

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