Good and the Ugly

Parents Anniversary & an accident

Today began like most other days. Awoke and sat on the comp.

Went a little later for bank work and returned home to complete the college website. I am almost ready for tomorrow’s presentation, though a little work remains.

Dressed and went off to church to sing for a funeral mass.
Then went to Maithri for tea and returned back again to sing for a wedding.

Today is my parents’ 23rd Wedding Anniversary (congrats to them) and so we all went to Alfa for a good dinner. On the way back home at Shanti Nagar (5 min from my place), a man decided to run across a crowded road and get knocked over by my kinetic. My bro Arun and I also had a bad spill due to this. My left hand has gotten scratched pretty bad and my second finger of my left hand is swollen. Hope it is not a fracture!
Arun got a wound on his head, besides a swelling and his spectacle frame broke. Hope he is doing fine. That guy got hit on the ribs.
For the first time, my kinetic was damaged. The left mirror broke :(( and also the front board.

What was really irritating was that afterwards he started blaming me! Anyways, I gave him a little cash so he can go see a doc. May God bless him. Hopefully, he learns from his mistake and doesn’t repeat this in the future.

I really thank the Lord for his grace and mercy in this accident. It could have been much worse for all of us and I could have been in much trouble, inspite of it not being my fault. (Can’t help if India has lousy driving rules).

Tomorrow is a big day and I really hope I am in a condition to make it tomorrow. I have a seminar on VLSI to attend at IIT and the Renaissance at Powai as well as the website presentation has to be made to the Vice Principal. Let’s see how things turn out….

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