Good Friday!

The day began with me going for Robotics class at 12pm, from where I left a wee bit early in order to get ready for church.

Good Friday was the big day for our choir. We were singing for the mass, and also reciting the Passion, in which I had some parts.

All of us guys were dressed in white shirts, black pants and a black tie, with a cute tie pin. (photos to come soon hopefully)

The singing went on really excellently and so did the reciting of the Passion and were complimented by a lot of people after the mass. Clayton handled the background track. U. Conrad narrated it out, while we guys and girls did the parts of the crowd, and I played the part of the officer who strikes Jesus.

One point I would love to mention about the mass, was the homily preached by Fr. Oscar. He is a visiting Redemptres priest.

He started with the legend of the thorn bird, who on maturity finds a long thorn and sings a song so beautiful, before he drops dead!
He spoke about how Jesus can be compared to this thorn bird.

He went on to describe the Passion of Christ in detail. Having watched the movie just yesterday it was very easy to picturize the pain and suffering (though I know I can never feel it) that he went through to redeem us of our sins!

Anyway, the rest of the mass continued as normal.

After mass, we went out for sev puri and have made dinner plans for Saturday night, after Easter mass.

Details tomorrow!

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